How to Increase Latest Vivo Smartphone Battery Life

Smartphone: The substantial concern for the latest Vivo phone owners today is battery life. It is a known problem for the budget devices of Vivo that battery life will degrade.

Find out the basis for the battery drain and resolve the issue to get a better user experience. Consider buying the latest Vivo phone models like Vivo v17 Pro price of which is 24,990 INR.

Why your battery is draining fast?

Below are listed some potential reasons that your smartphone’s battery is draining way too quickly.

  1. Blinding screen brightness

The screen brightness is one of the chief reasons for battery drain in the latest Vivo phone models. If you set the screen brightness too high, then you are killing your smartphone’s battery serendipitously. You need to reduce the screen brightness or set it to automatic mode.

Also, set the screen turn off time to the least, making your smartphone’s display turn off shortly after a period of inactivity. Buy the latest Vivo phone models with better battery backup at steal prices similar to this Mid-range Vivo v17 Pro mobile.

  1. Turned on Wi-Fi and other services

Make sure only when there is a Wi-Fi network available the Wi-Fi is on. If there is no network, your latest Vivo phone will regularly search for network consuming power.

  1. Background Apps

Apps running in the background eats up battery unnecessarily. So, go to settings and force stop them.

  1. Data syncing

One of the reasons for battery drainage is the automated syncing of Google account data. You might have allowed automatic backup or syncing of photos that might as well be sucking out the battery life and data.

  1. Outdated software

App updates bring bug fixes resulting in resolving your battery problem. If you are running an outdated version of any app immediately, you need to update it from the play store to elongate battery life. At the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store, the Vivo v17 Pro price is only 24,990 INR that offers a 4100 mAh battery.

How to fix it?

These are the possible fixes to extend your battery health.

Shut Down Functions

Turn all Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and NFC services off when not utilising them in your latest Vivo phone. This approach will not eat up the battery and ensure better battery life.

Activate Airplane Mode

Smartphones devour massive charge volume for searching available networks. The recommendation is to switch on Airplane mode in your latest Vivo phone in a poor signal connection area so that the phone stops searching for networks.

Reduce Display Brightness

Your latest Vivo phone screen consumes most of the battery life. If you want to improve battery health, then diminish the brightness of the display.

Examine Battery Usage

Discover which apps are swallowing the most battery life. Navigate to device Settings and then Application Manager to detect the apps currently running on your smartphone. You can also see battery consumption app wise. Force stop the apps running the background of your latest Vivo phone.

Uninstall Battery Intense Apps

Avoid using battery gulping apps like games, videos, social media apps powered by ads. Opt for the lite version of Facebook and Twitter as they use the system Webview and consume less battery.

Upgrade To the Latest Android version

Android 11 comes with the most efficient power-saving mode to help improve battery life. So be sure to update the system of your latest Vivo phone to Android 11.

While using the latest Vivo phone phones for our daily routine tasks, we often overlook battery health. It is impractical to carry a charger everywhere we go to charge the phone frequently. To buy a reliable phone like Vivo v17 Pro price at 24,990 INR in the Bajaj Finserv store available at a no-cost EMI when using the Bajaj Finserv EMI card.

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