Lisandro Martinez Injury Update: What Really Happened to Lisandro Martinez?

Lisandro Martinez Injury Update
Lisandro Martinez Injury Update

In the world of football, injuries can be a cause for concern, especially when they involve key players. Lisandro Martinez, the Argentine center-back for Manchester United, recently made headlines when he was seen with an ice pack on his right foot during a Premier League match against Wolverhampton Wanderers. In this article, we will provide you with an update on Lisandro Martinez’s injury status and delve into his impressive career.


Football enthusiasts and Manchester United fans were understandably concerned when Lisandro Martinez was spotted with an ice pack on his right foot during a recent Premier League match. However, reports suggest that there may not be a cause for alarm. Let’s explore the details.

Lisandro Martinez Injury Update

Lisandro Martinez’s injury update is a topic of significant interest for fans of Manchester United and football enthusiasts in general. During the match against Wolverhampton Wanderers, Martinez was substituted in the 86th minute, and shortly after, he was seen with an ice pack on his right foot. This naturally raised concerns about a potential injury.

However, it’s important to clarify that the ice pack was not necessarily an indicator of a new injury. Instead, it appears to have been a precautionary measure taken by the team’s medical staff. Given Martinez’s history of foot injuries, it’s understandable that the team would want to ensure his well-being.

Who is Lisandro Martinez?

To better understand the significance of Lisandro Martinez’s injury update, let’s take a closer look at the player himself.

Lisandro Martínez is a talented Argentine professional footballer, born on January 18, 1998. He currently plays as a center-back for both Manchester United in the Premier League and the Argentina national team. Known for his defensive prowess, ball movement, strength, and aggressive tackling, he has gained recognition as one of the best defenders globally.

Martínez’s journey to stardom began with youth spells at various clubs, including Club Urquiza, Club Libertad, and Newell’s Old Boys. He made his professional debut for Newell’s Old Boys in the 2016–17 season, showcasing his skills as a defender.

Full Name Lisandro Martínez
Date of Birth January 18, 1998
Age 26
Place of Birth Gualeguay, Entre Ríos, Argentina
Height 1.75 m (5 ft 9 in)
Position Defender
Current Team Manchester United
Jersey Number 6

Lisandro Martinez Early Life

Lisandro Martinez’s early life in Gualeguay, Entre Ríos, Argentina, was marked by his passion for football. His youth career included spells at various clubs, but it was during his time at Newell’s Old Boys that he began to shine as a defender. In 2017, he joined Defensa y Justicia on loan, gaining valuable experience and contributing to the team’s success.

Lisandro Martinez Career

Martínez’s impressive performances at Defensa y Justicia caught the attention of Ajax, a prominent Eredivisie club, in 2019. His move to Ajax marked a significant step in his career, and he made substantial contributions, including winning two Eredivisie titles, one KNVB Cup, and earning the Ajax Player of the Year award in the 2021–22 season.

In July 2022, Manchester United secured his services for a reported fee between £47 million to £49 million, making him a key player for the Premier League club. Despite facing a right foot injury in April 2023, he has showcased resilience and talent throughout his career, contributing both defensively and occasionally scoring crucial goals.

Lisandro Martinez Age

As of February 3, 2024, Lisandro Martínez is 26 years old. Despite facing challenges such as a right foot injury, Martínez continues to be a key player, contributing to his teams’ victories and earning accolades for his performances.

What Happened to Lisandro Martinez?

During the Premier League match against Wolverhampton Wanderers, Lisandro Martinez was seen with an ice pack on his right foot after being substituted in the 86th minute. This naturally raised concerns among fans regarding a potential injury.

However, it’s essential to reiterate that reports clarify that the ice pack was merely a precautionary measure, and Lisandro Martinez is not injured. The Argentine center-back had previously missed a significant portion of the season due to a foot injury but made a comeback in January. In the recent match, Wolves scored a late goal, reducing the lead to 3-2 before Martinez was substituted.

Manchester United went on to secure a 4-3 victory, with Martinez expected to be available for future fixtures.

Lisandro Martinez Injury Update – FAQs

1. Is Lisandro Martinez injured?
No, Lisandro Martinez is not injured; the ice pack on his right foot was a precautionary measure after being substituted.

2. What position does Lisandro Martinez play?
Lisandro Martinez plays as a center-back for Manchester United and the Argentina national team.

3. When was Lisandro Martinez born?
Lisandro Martinez was born on January 18, 1998, making him 26 years old as of February 3, 2024.

4. What awards has Lisandro Martinez won during his career?
Lisandro Martinez won the Ajax Player of the Year award for the 2021–22 season.

5. What happened in the Premier League match against Wolverhampton Wanderers?
Lisandro Martinez was seen with an ice pack on his right foot, raising concerns, but it was a precautionary measure, and he is not injured.


In conclusion, the Lisandro Martinez injury update provides reassurance to Manchester United fans that their talented center-back is not facing a new injury concern. Martinez’s remarkable journey from Argentina to Europe, his achievements, and his dedication to the game make him a key player for both club and country. As he continues to recover and contribute to his team’s success, football enthusiasts can look forward to witnessing his skills on the field.

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