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What’s website?

Lycets found at is definitely an online shop that’s selling various products for example calculating spoon, cup set, clothes hanger, reception decoration, etc Which goods are offered in a suspicious discount rate. However there are plenty of warning flags within this site that signifies that it’s not really a legit website, which review would expose all that is required to understand about this store.

Reasons why you need to not shop from

Lycets has a lot of warning flags which are reasons why you need to not bother shopping in the website.

Website Creation

The web site was produced lately in March 2022, and March 2023, this shows that it’s a simple disposable website, so it isn’t reliable.

Customer Complaints

Customers who shopped out of this store have remaining several online reviews proclaiming that the shop is really a scam one because they never got the things they purchased for. And all sorts of efforts to make contact with the shop for any refund demonstrated abortive.

It Features A Fake Contact Address

Lycets has listed its contact address on its website as Wheatcroft House,Wheatcroft Business Park Landmere Lane, Edwalton, Nottingham, England, NG12 4DG. However an intensive search demonstrated this address is a suspicious company, Hario Buying and selling Co that is connected with assorted scam online retailers. It’s suspicious and implies that is hiding its information from the buyers. It’s also suspicious as genuine stores always provide accurate info on its site. This can be a warning sign as well as an indicator that it’s a scam store.

Suspicious/ Crazy Discounts

The crazy discount prices online are extremely good to be real and works as a warning sign also showing the store is scam.

Poor/No Security

The web site is definitely an unsecure website meaning that it’s not guaranteed with Mcafee or Norton. This will make the web site vulnerable to online hackers who are able to steal and tamper with Customers personal and financial information.

Stolen Contents has stolen the majority of its contents, product images from various online retailers. This really is very common with scam online retailers. They pass off products as original, but actually customers receive cheap fake and also have no way of coming back it.

Is Scam Or Legit?

From all of these critical points noted above, provides extensive warning flags. Much like various scam online retailers, it uses cheap discount prices to lure customers. However, if they place order they get an entirely different item or perhaps a poor quality of the items was purchased although some unfortunate customers get very little. This can be a classic illustration of a bait and switch scam.

Does Using PayPal Guarantee Safe Shopping From No! And Here’s Why.

Nowadays PayPal doesn’t guarantee a quick refund. Also these scam online shop always result in the practice of utilizing a fake tracking number that’s totally unrelated for you. This fake tracking number is inputted inside your PayPal transaction which makes PayPal check this out like a complete transaction and therefore obtaining a chargeback is frequently occasions, impossible. For additional info on ways to get a refund you are able to click the link for more info.

3 Things To Understand While Shopping From

While shopping out of this scam store, you should know of those three things, they include

To Not Get Your Package

This is actually the normal routine with scam online retailers, you receive debited but never get any package.

Getting A Different/ Inferior Product

Getting a different item from that which was purchased. This can be a classic illustration of a bait and switch scam, where you have a different item, illustration of this really is getting a plastic sunglass instead of a wardrobe.

Hacked Charge Card

There’s additionally a chance of getting your charge card hacked with this fraudulent online retailers. Within this situation you will get debited to have an item you didn’t order for or get overcharged through the store. Frequently time they keep deducting money out of your charge card.


Of all the indications, it’s obvious that isn’t a genuine online shop. It’s scammed unsuspecting buyers and contains a plenty of Warning Flags as we view within this review, Buyers should watch out for this store. To simply place scam online retailers, internet buyers should browse the Domain age on, Also look into the address from the store, whether it provides any, simply copy in the search engines and Google map would show if it’s a warehouse or perhaps a residential building. Much like viviizstores ,dicoola, alien-tees, galacmart, southood, crocodiletime along with other suspicious websites, customers didn’t get the products they purchased however a cheap item or very little.

Here are a few things you can do if you were scammed. Speak to your bank and and file complaints also request a brand new bank card. Should you used Paypal as an approach to payment you need to document the transactions for future purposes, this can be done by continuing to keep a screenshot. Before ordering things from your online shop browse the following. The web site age, Coming back address, Testimonials and it is social networking presence.

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