Mckenna’s Tearful American Idol Audition: Who is McKenna Breinholt?

Mckenna's Tearful American Idol Audition
Mckenna’s Tearful American Idol Audition

McKenna Breinholt’s journey on American Idol Season 22 began with an emotional whirlwind that left both judges and viewers deeply moved. Her tearful audition not only showcased her exceptional vocal talent but also revealed a touching reunion with her birth family, creating an unforgettable moment in the show’s history.

The Emotional Audition

McKenna Breinholt’s audition struck a chord with audiences from the moment she stepped onto the American Idol stage. As an adoptee with a poignant backstory, her longing to meet her birth mother, who had passed away before they could reunite, resonated with viewers worldwide. However, the emotional intensity peaked when McKenna surprised everyone by bringing her entire birth family to the audition, resulting in a heartwarming reunion that left judges and spectators alike in tears.

Amidst the emotional turmoil, McKenna’s rendition of “There Was Jesus” showcased not only her powerful voice but also her ability to convey raw emotion through music. The judges, notably Katy Perry, were moved by the depth and control in McKenna’s performance, setting the stage for a remarkable journey ahead in American Idol Season 22.

Who is McKenna Breinholt?

Hailing from Gilbert, Arizona, McKenna Breinholt gained national attention even before her official debut on American Idol Season 22. Her emotional audition was featured in a preview released online, creating a viral sensation and generating widespread anticipation for her appearance on the show. McKenna’s soulful rendition of “There Was Jesus” and the touching story of her recent connection with her birth family added layers of depth and emotion to her journey, solidifying her position as a standout contestant.

McKenna Breinholt’s Family

McKenna’s audition not only showcased her musical talent but also unveiled the touching dynamics of her family history. Raised in a closed adoption, McKenna’s quest to discover her roots led to a heartwarming surprise orchestrated by her adoptive parents – a reunion with her birth family at the audition. This unity and support from both sides of her family added a deeply personal layer to McKenna Breinholt’s American Idol journey, highlighting the importance of familial bonds.

McKenna Breinholt’s Career

McKenna Breinholt’s musical journey spans over a decade, demonstrating her versatility and talent in the industry. As a soloist for Cinematic Pop since the age of 16, McKenna has contributed to the group’s unique fusion of classical music with contemporary lyrics, showcasing her ability to navigate between different genres seamlessly. With a decade of experience and a diverse range of musical contributions, McKenna Breinholt continues to make her mark in the music industry, promising a bright future ahead.

McKenna Breinholt’s Age

At 25 years old, McKenna Breinholt stands as an accomplished musician in 2024, with notable milestones already achieved in her career. Despite her youth, McKenna’s dedication to her craft and her ability to evoke deep emotions through her music underscore her maturity as a performer. Her age serves as a testament to the depth and breadth of her accomplishments, hinting at a promising journey ahead in the musical landscape.

Reaction Over McKenna’s Audition

McKenna Breinholt’s audition not only resonated with viewers but also garnered attention from the original artists behind the song she performed. Zach Williams and Dolly Parton, the performers of “There Was Jesus,” were deeply touched by McKenna’s rendition, offering heartfelt messages of encouragement and blessings for her journey on American Idol. Their genuine reactions added an extra layer of significance to McKenna Breinholt’s emotional journey, making her audition a memorable and impactful moment for all involved.


McKenna Breinholt’s tearful audition on American Idol Season 22 captured the hearts of millions, showcasing not only her exceptional musical talent but also the power of love, family, and perseverance. As she embarks on this transformative journey, McKenna’s story serves as a reminder of the profound impact of music in connecting hearts and bridging distances.


  1. What song did McKenna Breinholt perform during her tearful American Idol audition? McKenna performed the emotional song “There Was Jesus,” a Grammy-winning duet by Zach Williams and Dolly Parton.
  2. Why did McKenna Breinholt become emotional during her audition? McKenna’s audition became emotional due to her poignant backstory as an adoptee. The revelation of her birth family’s presence at the audition, including a surprise reunion with them, added a profound layer of emotion to the experience.
  3. How did Katy Perry react to McKenna’s audition on American Idol? Katy Perry was visibly moved to tears during McKenna’s audition. The emotional impact of McKenna’s performance and the surprise reunion resonated deeply with the judge.
  4. What was the significance of McKenna’s adoption story in her audition? McKenna’s adoption story played a significant role as a closed adoption limited her access to information about her birth family until the age of 21. The audition highlighted her journey of discovering her roots and the touching connection with her birth family.
  5. Did the video of McKenna’s audition go viral before the American Idol season premiere? Yes, the video of McKenna’s audition quickly went viral, accumulating over 1.6 million views even before the official season premiere, making her a standout contestant in American Idol Season 22.

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