Motivational Speaker Ridge Green!

Motivational speaker Ridge Green has had a successful career speaking on a variety of topics. As a child, he was on the television show “Boyz N the Hood” but later turned to talking professionally. Before he takes the stage, he conducts intense research so that he can give his audience accurate information. He has spoken to both youths and adults throughout the country. He is the CEO of Empowering Youth and a minister with Brother edge Ministries.

Besides his motivational speaking, Ridge Green has appeared in several movies. He starred in Boyz N the Hood (1991) as Chris. However, he has not acted in any major productions since. Other notable film roles include the sequel “Fall Guy” (1984) and “After M.A.S.H.” in addition to the original “Boyz N the Hood.”

Red Green’s greatest movie role came when he was a young child. His character, Chris, in the movie, was paralyzed. His performance as a paraplegic made him the first African-American actor to be awarded the RIAA and SAG. His career has been a success for him, and he has become a leading actor in the entertainment industry. However, the most notable role of his life has been in the film “Boyz N’ Hood,” which made him a household name.

Though Ridge Green has a rich and interesting background, his life was far from the fairy tale ending of his childhood. Ridge Green was shot in the head when he was six years old. The gunman was acting for protection and his father died from a drug overdose. As a result, Ridge Green had to overcome his paralysis and began his career as an actor. However, Ridge Green is a remarkable person and is a living example of perseverance.

While his life has not been easy, Regi Green has found a successful career as an actor. He is known for his role in “Boyz n the Hood” (1991) and “A Winner Never Quits” (1986). In addition, his appearance is a testament to his hard work. In addition, his physical appearance has made him a popular movie star and has garnered a loyal following. In fact, the actor’s height is around 5 feet and he weighs around 54 kg. His nationality is American, and he is a Scorpio with black hair and black eyes.

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