Natalie Hemming Missing: What Really Happened to Natalie Hemming?

Natalie Hemming Missing
Natalie Hemming Missing


In May 2016, the sudden disappearance of Natalie Hemming sent shockwaves through the community, unraveling a tale of domestic abuse and tragic murder. This article delves into the events surrounding Natalie’s vanishing and the heartbreaking conclusion to her story.

Natalie Hemming’s Disappearance

Natalie Hemming, a mother of three from Milton Keynes, vanished without a trace in May 2016, leaving her family and friends in turmoil. Despite her efforts to break free from a decade-long abusive relationship with Paul Hemming, her partner and father of her children, Natalie’s newfound independence was met with tragedy.

The Frantic Search

Thames Valley Police launched a nationwide search for Natalie following her disappearance. Her family’s concern grew as she failed to return her children and ceased communication with loved ones. Investigations revealed a lack of activity on her phone and financial records, raising suspicions about her safety.

Natalie’s Escape from Abuse

Natalie’s decision to leave Paul Hemming marked a courageous step towards a better life. Despite facing challenges and threats from her abusive partner, she embarked on a journey of self-liberation, finding solace in a new relationship. However, her pursuit of happiness would ultimately lead to a devastating outcome.

What Happened to Natalie Hemming?

Tragically, Natalie’s fate took a dark turn on May 1, 2016, when Paul Hemming, consumed by rage and jealousy, murdered her in cold blood. Learning of Natalie’s plans to leave him, Hemming’s violent outburst shattered any hope of reconciliation, leaving behind a trail of heartache and despair.

Hemming’s Attempt to Cover Up

In a desperate bid to conceal his crime, Hemming fabricated stories and misled investigators, attempting to shift blame onto Natalie’s new partner. His callous disregard for human life, evident in chilling statements expressing his enjoyment of the act, further emphasized the depth of his depravity.

The Discovery of Natalie’s Body

After an exhaustive search spanning weeks and involving multiple law enforcement agencies, Natalie’s remains were found in a wooded area, miles away from her home. The grim discovery provided closure to her grieving loved ones, albeit amidst profound sorrow and anguish.

Closure Amid Grief

Despite the devastating loss, the recovery of Natalie’s body marked a crucial step towards justice. Forensic evidence gathered from the scene shed light on the circumstances surrounding her murder, ensuring accountability for the senseless violence inflicted upon her.


Natalie Hemming’s story serves as a poignant reminder of the insidious nature of domestic abuse and the devastating consequences it can yield. Her courage in breaking free from a toxic relationship, albeit tragically cut short, underscores the importance of support and advocacy for victims of abuse.


  1. Was Natalie Hemming in an abusive relationship?
    Yes, Natalie endured a decade of abuse at the hands of her partner, Paul Hemming, before her tragic murder.
  2. How did Natalie Hemming’s children react to her disappearance?
    Natalie’s children, particularly her son who witnessed the murder, experienced profound trauma and confusion following her disappearance and death.
  3. What led to Paul Hemming’s conviction for Natalie’s murder?
    Hemming’s attempt to cover up the murder, combined with forensic evidence and witness testimonies, contributed to his conviction.
  4. Was Natalie Hemming’s body found intact?
    Natalie’s body was discovered naked in a wooded area, bearing evidence of the violence inflicted upon her.
  5. What sentence did Paul Hemming receive for Natalie’s murder?
    Paul Hemming was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum term of 20 years for the murder of Natalie Hemming.

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