Pre-Oscars Celebration – A Star Decorated Event with Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Riz Ahmed!

With the upcoming Oscar nominees of this year, Lilly Singh, Kal Penn and Aziz Ansari were also some of the highlighted names for the South Asian Achievement. Priyanka Chopra Jonas along with Riz Ahmed has celebrated excellence at South Asian for this Oscars telecast this year on Wednesday night at UTA.

The duo of Priyanka and Riz hosts with Kumail Nanjiani, Maneesh K, Goyal, Mindy Kaling, Netflix’s Bela Bajaria and Anjula Acharia led an event while honoring the nominees of the South Asian at the Academic Awards of the year.

Some nominees of the year regarding the ceremony involve Suroosh Alvi (Flee), Ahmed (Flee, The Long Goodbye), Pawo Choyning Dorji (Lunana: A Yak in the Classroom) and Aneil Karia (The Long Goodbye), Gulistan Mirzaei and Elizabeth Mirzaei (Three songs of Benazir), Anurima Bhargava (Writing with Fire) and Rintu Thomas because of which you were in the attendance at celebration. The famous and well-known affair involved attendees Lilly Singh, Kal Penn, Aziz Ansari, and it was all sponsored by the UTA, Johnie Walker, The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences, and The Juggernaut.

Chopra Jonas interacted with The Hollywood Reporter during the festivities at night as she said that was an emotional moment seeing every person together in a particular room. She continued “I am glad to see the community is coming together on a platform and recognize each other and now, we are able to raise our voice as our community is no longer overdue.” Even though the Academy has seen the South Asian representation for the night, some work needs to be done now onwards.

Chopra said, “I think it is really vital to have some executives as well as some people behind the camera who belong to South Asia and interested in explaining all stories of South Asia and have the audacity to tell some stories that are distinct from what we are seeing now. In the last few decades, I have seen a lot of massive changes and has taken the generation of such people and all of us to some big strides and not to be afraid at all.

The actress also appreciated the nominees during this mesmerizing evening, sharing a personal anecdote at the success of this industry based on inclusivity. She explained about her experience and shared some glimpse of the very first Golden Globe Awards in America when she was looking for some work to do and at that party, she met Ansari to recognize some people who are brown in the room but they found no one, except both of them. But today, she stands amongst peers at South Asian excellence and she has goosebumps.

Already mentioned before, Ahmed also explained a speech that honors all the nominees of the party and gives a diverse experience related to the South Asian Community as a whole. Ahmed said if we all can get together to celebrate the win of a person as a collaborative win, then why not to feel the suffering of a person as a suffering of all of us. Let us use this as a platform made for solidarity and celebration at the end.

Amy Schumer hosted the 94th annual Oscars along with Regina Hall and Wanda Sykes, as live on TV on Sunday at ABC.

The tainted secret of the movie events is that they are celebrated but not so enjoyable though. Hardly, it seems like everyone is in with the crowd. There is a load of peacocking, posturing as well as busying with the cellphones all around.

The only alternative was to celebrate the fun achievements of this South Asian Awards on the very twelfth month race for Oscars on Wednesday’s eve.

A New York Eatery owner, Goyal, was keeping in touch with Anjula Acharia who is the supervisor of Chopra Jonas and a movie producer, Shruti Ganguly. “We realized that there were only ten oscars nominees of South Asian during this year” mentioned by Mr. Goyal.

Richa Moorjani, “I was not sure if we had been in a kind of conference room or somewhere else.” Richa Moorjani is a lead star of the show “Never Have I Ever”, looked fantabulous in an embroidered blazer with pants with a label of Dubai as tagged with OTT.

There was no beige carpet at all around 5pm and all of them were into each other proudly. Ms. Bajaria mentioned, “by having this in-depth talent in a room, we have enough nominees to organize another party as this wasn’t the case of the last five years.” The platform is flooded with just directors, writers and on-screen talents but also, with executives, assistants and agents as well.

Further, Ms. Bajaria got into the gang of 125 and siddled over to Poorna Jagannathan and grabbed her arm. Have you ever seen an Indian barbie? Ms. Jagannathan mentioned. It was relevant to the past month’s histories of Ladies with a limited-edition doll as launched before and she might think that Ms. Bajaria looks like one.

Beneath the other streamers, the comic cum actor Aziz Ansair unrevealed the special part of Netflix Mr. Manish Dayal. Further, the actor cum rapper Riz Ahmed who is a nominee for two oscars for some quick movies “Flee” and “The Long Goodbye”.

Some collaborations have been mentioned as Ms. Chopra Jonas said “Make some business plans.” and some other commerce ways and secrets were about to be disclosed as well, as hinted by Ms. Moorjani.

Even though the event should have ended by 8pm, some of the friends lingered for one more hour, though the aloo tikki station as well as the bar were closed. As the plastic fashion is not so much, some of the celebrities were seen in peacock dresses and some similar outfits.

Aside from this, he has also mentioned about Adrian Dev, a Westworld actor who wore navy blue colored Sherwani, who said “a lot of people are in this world to overcome the racial identities along with cultures.”

The event was exactly so impressive with diverse people and friends.

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