Process capability required by silicone products manufacturer!

Many people will have questions, what specifications do silicone products manufacturers need to follow? What procedures do customers need to follow if they want to customize the production of silicone rubber products? What is the unknown information about silicone compression molding?

This article will briefly introduce the whole process of custom production. The production process of silicone products is as follows. The production process is completed from the strict production process of artwork design, mold opening, and rubber mixing.

Process capability required by silicone products manufacturer

  1. Design of artwork

Generally, the drawing is made according to the sample size provided by the customer, using various three-dimensional drawings and three-dimensional drawing software. If the customer cannot provide the sample, we can cooperate with the customer to complete the drawing according to the customer’s request for a fee.

  1. Open the mold

Therefore The mold opening is completed by the mold master on the CNC machine tool of the company according to the designed programming level. Some of the more difficult ones need to be manually discharged by a spark machine., the production cycle of molds with relatively high technical content is relatively long. Usually, the delivery time for large molds is 10 days. Obviously this is an expression of strength by silicone products manufacturer.

  1. Color mixing

According to the Pantone color card specified by the user, the required materials are all environmentally friendly silicone, and the hardness can be arbitrarily selected from 30 degrees to 70 degrees. silicone compression molding is all around us all the time.

  1. Upper mold production

4. Upper mold production

After the mold is installed on the machine and the temperature is raised to a suitable temperature, the output value of one machine is about 100,000 pcs per day.

  1. Molded product inspection

After the product comes out, the quality personnel in the workshop will check whether it meets the inspection standards. If it does not meet the inspection standards, it will be scrapped and reworked.

  1. Self-demolition trimming

The produced products will have residual edges, or have batch edges around them. After passing the inspection by the quality control department, the products will be sent to the post-process department for trimming. help.

  1. Finished product inspection

After trimming, it is the finished product. It is also necessary to send the finished product back to the quality control department to check the quality of trimming, whether there are substandard products, and if so, it will be determined to be reworked. We It has to be pointed out that silicone compression molding is very important

  1. Packing

For products that pass the inspection, the packaging department will stop packaging according to customer requirements. Usually per pack and 10 packs per box, or 20 packs per box, stop packing according to customer requirements.

  1. Reflection before sealing

Operation precautions for silicone compression molding

After the packaging is completed, the OQC of the quality control department will check the quantity, check the product model, and other related quality problems. If no questions are asked, the box will be stopped and sent to the warehouse for delivery.

Thermal expansion and compression molding method of UAV composite material flat silicone tail rubber. So we need silicone compression molding.

Brief introduction: This technology relates to a thermal expansion and compression molding method of UAV composite material flat tail silicone rubber, which belongs to the field of composite material technology manufacturing. Specifically, it includes the following steps.

Operation precautions for silicone compression molding

Correct conditions for silicone compression molding

Step 1: Use a core mold to make a silicone rubber core mold;

Step 2: Two types of shapes are required to make a silicone rubber core mold, and the horizontal surfaces of the two silicone rubber core molds and the flat tail reinforcement are provided with corresponding. Sometimes this can help us understand silicone products manufacturer.

Step 3: Use the main body forming mold to make the aircraft flat tail;

Step 4: Wrap the isolation film and air felt on the surface of the fastened main body forming mold in turn and use a vacuum bag for packaging to complete the thermal expansion and pressure curing of the flat tail. Silicone rubber molding Process; Step 5: demolding after curing, dismantling the silicone rubber core mold to obtain the aircraft flat tail of the overall co-curing molding unmanned aerial vehicle composite material.

The aircraft’s flat tail formed by the method not only has good forming quality but also has a uniform wall thickness, which solves the problems of poor overall forming quality, uneven pressure transmission, and difficulty in demolding existing in the prior art.

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