Rico Blanco Ethnicity: What is Rico Blanco’s Ethnicity? Who is a Rico Blanco?

Rico Blanco Ethnicity
Rico Blanco Ethnicity


In the tapestry of Filipino music, one name shines brightly: Rico Blanco. But beyond his melodic tunes and captivating performances, questions about his ethnicity often arise. Let’s delve into the rich tapestry of Rico Blanco’s heritage and explore the facets of his identity that contribute to his artistic brilliance.

Who is Rico Blanco?

Rico Blanco, born Rico Rene Granados Blanco in 1973, emerges as a multifaceted artist within the Filipino music industry. His journey commenced in 1994 when he co-founded Rivermaya, an iconic band where his talents flourished as the chief songwriter, vocalist, guitarist, and keyboardist.

Real Name
Rico Rene Granados Blanco
Nick Name
Rico Blanco
Date of birth
17 March 1973
50 years old
173 cm
70 kg (154 lbs)
Birth Place
Ermita, Manila, Philippines
Filipino singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist
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Musical Odyssey

Over the span of 13 years with Rivermaya, Blanco crafted timeless hits such as “Liwanag ng Mundo,” “Kasalanan,” and “214,” earning him the moniker “The Brains of Rivermaya.” His introspective lyrics resonated deeply with audiences, cementing Rivermaya’s status as a musical powerhouse.

Solo Ventures

In 2007, Blanco embarked on a solo career, showcasing his versatility across genres. His debut album, “Love & Life,” unveiled a more personal and introspective side. Subsequent albums like “Rico Blanco” and “Corners” ventured into electronica and funk, illustrating his creative evolution as an artist.

Beyond Music

Blanco’s talents transcend the confines of the recording studio. He has graced the silver screen in films like “Imortal” and “Nasaan si Francis?,” exhibiting his charismatic presence and dramatic prowess. Additionally, Blanco has ventured into entrepreneurship, launching successful businesses like “Blanco Niño” and “Don Papa Rum.”

Unveiling Rico Blanco’s Ethnicity

Rico Blanco’s ethnicity roots itself in his Asian heritage. Born in Ermita, Manila, Philippines, Blanco embodies the cultural richness and diversity of his homeland.

Cultural Identity

Ethnicity serves as a beacon of cultural distinctiveness, guiding individuals towards a deeper understanding of their roots and identity. For Blanco, his Asian ethnicity forms an integral part of his artistic expression, infusing his music with elements of Filipino culture and heritage.

Rico Blanco: More Than Music

Standing at 173 centimeters and weighing 70 kilograms, Blanco possesses a physical presence that complements his musical prowess. His confident demeanor and dynamic stage persona captivate audiences, transcending mere physical attributes.


Proudly Filipino by nationality, Blanco’s roots in the Philippines influence his artistry profoundly. Through his music, he celebrates the resilience, passion, and creativity of the Filipino people, forging connections that transcend borders.


In unraveling the tapestry of Rico Blanco’s ethnicity, we discover a rich mosaic of cultural heritage and artistic brilliance. From his humble beginnings to his meteoric rise in the music industry, Blanco’s journey epitomizes the essence of Filipino identity and artistic expression.

Rico Blanco Ethnicity – FAQ

  1. What is Rico Blanco’s Ethnicity? Rico Blanco is of Asian Ethnicity, rooted in the vibrant cultural landscape of the Philippines.
  2. Who is Rico Blanco? Rico Blanco is a Filipino singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, renowned for his contributions to the music industry.
  3. How old is Rico Blanco? Rico Blanco is currently 50 years old, having been born on March 17, 1973.
  4. What are some of Rico Blanco’s notable achievements? Blanco’s achievements span across music, film, entrepreneurship, and social activism, showcasing his multifaceted talents and diverse interests.
  5. How has Rico Blanco impacted the Filipino music scene? Rico Blanco’s introspective lyrics, musical versatility, and entrepreneurial spirit have left an indelible mark on the Filipino music scene, inspiring generations of artists and fans alike.

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