Ronnie Kaye’s Employment Status at Koma: Reason for Termination and Who Is Ronnie Kaye?

Is Ronnie Kaye Fired From Koma


Ronnie Kaye’s sudden departure from KOMA-92.5 radio station left many wondering about the circumstances surrounding his firing. In this article, we will delve into the details of his termination and the controversial comments that led to it, as well as explore the remarkable career of this Oklahoma radio icon.

Ronnie Kaye’s Termination from KOMA

The answer to the question, “Is Ronnie Kaye fired from KOMA?” is a resounding yes. After a career spanning over 60 years in the radio industry, this iconic figure found himself abruptly severed from the station he had called home for many years.

What Led to Ronnie Kaye’s Firing?

Ronnie Kaye’s termination was prompted by a comment he made on air regarding Indigenous Peoples’ Day. The incident unfolded on October 9, which coincided with both Columbus Day and Indigenous Peoples’ Day in the United States. Ronnie Kaye’s comment raised eyebrows and ultimately cost him his job.

Ronnie Kaye’s Remark on Indigenous Peoples’ Day

On that fateful day, Ronnie Kaye expressed, “I don’t know what ‘indigenous’ means, and I don’t care.” This seemingly nonchalant statement caused a significant controversy. His comment, made on a day meant to celebrate the rich heritage and history of Native Americans, was considered offensive and insensitive.

The Fallout and Apology

Despite his claims of not intending to offend anyone and citing friends who were Native American, KOMA-92.5 decided to terminate his contract. Ronnie Kaye expressed a desire to apologize on air, but this opportunity was denied. The termination occurred while he was on a planned vacation, leaving him in the dark about who had filed the complaint.

On October 14, Ronnie Kaye issued an apology on his Facebook page, expressing regret for any unintentional harm caused, particularly to the Native American community. As of that time, KOMA-92.5 had not released any official statement on the matter.

This incident underscores the importance of sensitivity and awareness regarding cultural celebrations and their significance, highlighting how words and comments can have real consequences in the broadcasting world.

Ronnie Kaye’s Illustrious Career

Before this unexpected turn in his career, Ronnie Kaye had established himself as a legendary figure in Oklahoma radio. His journey began at a young age when he provided play-by-play commentary for a county basketball tournament in Blytheville, Arkansas, while still in high school.

He then ventured to different locations, including Arkansas and Lawton, Oklahoma, before embarking on a remarkable 19-year run on WKY in Oklahoma City. During this period, he hosted a beloved dance show called “The Scene,” inspired by Dick Clark’s “American Bandstand.” This show gained immense popularity and was syndicated, reaching audiences in places like San Diego and San Francisco.

Ronnie Kaye’s Age

As of now, Ronnie Kaye is 84 years old, reflecting the wisdom and experience he has accumulated over the years. His age is a testament to his enduring presence in the industry and his standing as a respected figure among his listeners and peers.


The termination of Ronnie Kaye from KOMA-92.5 was a significant event in the world of Oklahoma radio. While his career met an unexpected turn, his legacy endures, thanks to his remarkable contributions to broadcasting over six decades.


1. What did Ronnie Kaye say to get fired?

Ronnie Kaye was fired from KOMA 92.5 for saying, “I don’t know what ‘indigenous’ means and I don’t care” on air during a broadcast on October 9, which was both Columbus Day and Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

2. Why was Ronnie Kaye fired from KOMA 92.5?

Ronnie Kaye’s comment on Indigenous Peoples’ Day was deemed offensive and led to his termination by KOMA 92.5. Despite his attempt to clarify his intentions, the station decided to let him go.

3. Who is Ronnie Kaye?

Ronnie Kaye is a prominent figure in Oklahoma radio with a career spanning over 60 years. He began in high school, went on to have a 19-year run on WKY, hosted a popular dance show called “The Scene,” and continued his career at KOMA until his recent firing.

4. How old is Ronnie Kaye?

Ronnie Kaye is currently 84 years old, reflecting his long and influential career in the world of radio and broadcasting.

5. Did Ronnie Kaye apologize for his comments after being fired?

Yes, Ronnie Kaye posted an apology on his Facebook page after his termination, expressing regret for any unintentional harm caused, especially to the Native American community, but his offer to apologize on air was denied.

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