Soak in the serene beauty of Goa

Golden sand beaches, tangles palm trees, clear blue sky and a relaxed ambience—if this is what one wants for a holiday, then Goa is the perfect spot for them. This is a great place for both long and a short vacation. The serenity of the place will rejuvenate one and not only that, one can also indulge into a plenty of activities when visiting here.

Before landing in Goa, it is better to research about the hotels and decides on where to stay. If one wants, then they can also book The Leela Goa online to have a hassle free stay. After that, one can also make a list on what places to visit while holidaying there. If one is in a fix on what to add in the list, here are some ideas that one can take a look at:

Palolem Beach

This is one of the major attractions in Goa because almost every tourist who visits Goa, come here. No wonder it is a bit crowded but one also does not want to miss this beautiful crescent shaped stretch with white sands that overlooks the Arabian Sea in South Goa. One can enjoy the area while soaking the sun on the sand and relaxing. If one wants some exciting activities then Palolem Beach also offers things like kayaking, dolphin sighting, swimming and even yoga classes.

Colva Beach

Another popular beach in Goa filled with swaying palms and broad stretch of bronze palms is the perfect place to take a sunbath. One can also rent Jet Skis here or get into a thrilling banana rise. If one wants to get a bird’s eye view of the beach then they can also go for a session of parasailing.

Butterfly Beach

This beach is known for its spectacular scenery and is one of the beaches where one can get a natural escape if they do not like too much crowd. This beach is less crowded and so one can stay away from the regular tourists if they visit this beach. This beach has a curving expanse of sand which is flanked by boulders which create a postcard view of the cove. This beach is also filled with butterflies and blossoms. This is also a great place where one can watch dolphins to swim from a distance. One has to take a boat rise from Agonda or Palolem Beach to reach the Butterfly beach. Or else, they can also take a forest hike to reach there.

Utorda Beach

This is a stunning getaway from the crowded beaches around Goa. It has clean blue water, silky sand and a few small beach shacks where one can relax and enjoy the waves. In fact, one can also get to see some star fish here.

Tanshikar’s Working Spice Farm

The southern part of India has always been famous for abundance of spices like cardamom, pepper and cloves for many years now. in fact, these natural spices were a major appeal for the Portuguese traders who came to Goa hundreds of years ago. One can visit this spice farm to see the local spice scene in Goa. The agritourism mostly grows 7 different spices like vanilla, pepper, nutmeg, cardamom, turmeric and chilli and they always follow the organic farming method. The tour of the farm is mostly led by the owner and this tour can provide one with an in depth understanding of the flavour charged crops. One can also get to see growth of other products in the premises like coffee beans, beetle nut, banana and pineapple. They also have their own grown all natural honey.

Portuguese-Indian Restaurants

Food is definitely one of the major attractions in Goa. In Goa one can get a perfect cuisine which blends both Goan and Portuguese flavours. One can get abundance of coconut dishes here along with sea foods palates and fiery flavours. When in Goa, one must taste the signature dish called Vindaloo. It is a meat curry which is made with dried chilli peppers and palm vinegar. Another Goan speicality is Cacuti which us a rich curry with chilli, poppy seeds and coconut.

Basilica de Bom Jesus

This is an old Goan attraction which dates back to the late 16th century and contains the remains of St Francis Xavier. It is known as the ‘Apostle of Indies’ which is co founded by the Society of Jesus spearheaded an extensive mission in the country. The basilica has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since the year 1999. One can tour the church on their own or can hire an independent guide to visit the huge ornamental screens, resident saint casket and precious stones.

 Dudhsagar Falls

This state is also the home to Dudhsagar Falls which is a spectacular four tiered waterfall that towers 310 metres above the earth. Depending on which train route one takes they might get a glimpse of this huge waterfall along the way. One can also hire a jeep through the jungle, passing the Devil’s Canyon along the way. The best time to visit this waterfall is during monsoons when the water is gushing.

Anjuna Market

Goa is a home of a lot of markets and the best among them is definitely the Anjuna Market. More than 100 of vendors have set a shot so that the visitors can buy some souvenirs and trinkets. One can get woven bikinis, ornate textiles, hammocks, dream catchers, magnets, beaded jewellery and T shirts here.

 Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception

This pristine white church is located in Panaji and it dates back to early 17th century. This church stands atop a zigzag staircase which resembles tiers of wedding cake. It has a perfectly symmetrical Portuguese baroque architecture and one should not miss this place.

When in Goa, one can also visit the Braganza House and the Mahadev Temple. While planning a holiday in Goa, one can choose from the plenty of staying options that the place has to offer. If one wants to book rooms at The Leela Goa, they can also do that.

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