Soft Underwear for the “Picky”!

No outfit is complete without the right underwear. As a matter of fact, the underwear might just be the most important part. When one dresses well, it can boost confidence and makes a person feel more competent. Therefore underwear is the foundation for dressing confidently. This intimate piece of apparel is going to offer an effective foundation for the rest of the ensemble. It complements the shape and prevents any snagging or bunching up which leads to discomfort.

Besides making a person feel confident, proper underwear also serves very practical purposes. A good pair will also provide you the comfort and support where you need it most. It offers a layer of soft fabric that contours to the body and moves with it, making sure that you feel comfortable throughout the entire day. The sleek and soft fabric uses will help to prevent the most sensitive areas from rubbing against the clothes which may cause irritation or chafing. For example, if you are wearing tight-fitting pants or a dress, the underwear will help to make sure that you are not revealing too much.

Some people are rather particular when it comes to choosing their underwear.Comfort takes priority while the appeal takes second place. The type of underwear one chooses is important so that it does not cause any bacterial infection, irritation and chafing.  There is certain material that traps heat and moisture thus affecting comfort. If you are looking to refresh your underwear closet or just want to give yourself a treat, check out Cosmolle, an online underwear shop that has a range of most comfortable underwear specially designed to let the body breathe easily and with styles that fit and feel good.

Soft Underwear That Offers Optimum Breathability

Check out below for the best soft underwear that even the pickiest woman would love.

AirWear Free Cut Thong

Made with Collagen Polyamide Yarn, this seamless thong is light as air and feels like a second skin. 3D printed for zero seams, it is invisible even under the tightest dress or pants. It is comfortable for everyday wear so you may want to get all the shades in a bundle of 3 to save.

Soft Underwear

AirWear Free Cut Bikini

This bikini-styled underwear features a low rise and high cut. It is soft and seamless, thanks to the Collagen Polyamide Yarn which is made from. The smooth fabric conforms to your body and stays in place under skirts, dresses and pants. Available in 3 colors – black, nude and dusty rose. They are also available for purchase in a bundle of 3.

AirWear Free Cut Bikini

AirWear Boy Short

This slightly high rise, high coverage boy short style is great for tucking in the tummy under dresses, skirts, jeans or maybe just lounging at home. It features a smooth flat band with fuller back coverage. Made for a second skin fit and feels like cloud, this boy short panty is smooth, sleek and beautifully simple. This seamless underwear is designed to eliminate visible panty lines, made with 3D print, it is stitch-free with smooth seams so you do not have to worry about bunching or digging on the skin. Every pair fits perfectly and most importantly, invisible under any outfit.

AirWear Free Cut Bikini 2

While you are shopping for underwear, you may also want to take a look at Cosmolle’s range of soft bras to match the underwear. The most comfortable bra is carefully made with 3D printed technology and Collage Polyamide Yarn for collagen boost and cooling effect. The bras are extremely stretchable and you will feel like you are wearing air.

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