Step and Repeat Banners: Mathematically the Most Cost-Effective Marketing Tools!

Marketing costs are rising. Small businesses have been struggling to put together annual marketing budgets since the months of the COVID19 pandemic. Digital marketing, in particular, has become extremely expensive since then.

That’s why marketing experts are advising business owners to take a different approach to calculating their marketing budgets. Here’s what these experts suggest –

  • Adopt a mathematical mindset before creating your marketing budget.
  • Make sure every investment into marketing tools works for your brand.
  • Track every dollar invested in marketing efforts with specific KPIs (key performance indicators).

Adopting this approach will inform brand leaders where to invest in the future and where not to. It will also help them determine what’s the most cost-effective marketing tool out there for their brands.

If we assess all low-cost marketing materials currently available in the market using this mathematical approach, we have a winner. Custom-printed step and repeat banners are by far the most cost-effective promotional material.

What are Step and Repeat Banners?

Step-repeat banners are used in pretty much all major promotional events in the world. So, you’ve probably seen them before. These banners are covered by one or two logos. The same logo/s is repeated all across the banners.

Event attendees stand in front of these banners to take pictures. That’s why these banners are also known as “backdrop banners.” They give event attendees the perfect conditions to take photographs.

Here’s how you can use a standard step-repeat banner at a store opening or at a tradeshow –

  • Create banners that are covered by your brand’s logos.
  • Set them up at the entry and exit points of your event location.
  • Make the event attendees stand and click pictures in front of your banner.
  • Every picture they take will feature your brand’s logo.
  • If these pictures end up on news sites or social media platforms – your brand gets tremendous exposure.

A well-designed step-repeat banner is a gift that will keep on giving. You’ll never guess where these pictures end up and how much exposure they give your brand. These aren’t the only factors that make step-repeat banners incredibly cost-effective. Here are some more.

All Brands Can Afford these Banners

Step and repeat banners come in various shapes/sizes. You can buy one that’s size is only 3 feet x 2 feet. You can also get one that’s 16 feet wide and 8 feet tall. It doesn’t matter what’s the size and width of your step and repeat banner – they’re still awfully cost-effective. Banner sellers typically use high-quality vinyl or polyester to make these items.

These materials are famous for their durability and cost-effectiveness. Buying a small set of step-repeat banners won’t cost your business a fortune. Plus, once you buy them, they won’t need constant replacement. Use the wider and taller banners for large, outdoor events. Use the smaller ones in in-house promotional events.


Unless you change your brand’s logo, there’s no need to buy more step-repeat banners. You can use the old ones several times across multiple events. Just clean them regularly and store them properly. They’ll keep providing returns on your initial marketing investment for several years!

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