Survivor 45 Finale Winner 2023, Who won Survivor 45? Survivor 45: A Journey to Remember

Survivor 45 Finale Winner 2023

In the world of reality television, few shows have captured the hearts of viewers and maintained their excitement like “Survivor.” Now in its forty-fifth season, this iconic American competitive reality television series continues to deliver unforgettable moments and thrilling victories. In this article, we’ll dive into the dramatic conclusion of “Survivor” Season 45 and reveal the deserving winner, Dee Valladares.

Survivor 45: A Journey to Remember

Survivor 45 took place on the breathtaking Mamanuca Islands in Fiji, offering a stunning backdrop for the intense competition. Premiering on September 27, 2023, on CBS, the season promised another rollercoaster ride of survival, strategy, and competition. With each new season, “Survivor” manages to captivate audiences with its dynamic gameplay, strategic alliances, and unpredictable twists.

The Climactic Showdown

After a grueling 26-day journey filled with unexpected twists and turns, the moment of truth arrived during the three-hour “Survivor 45” finale on CBS. The final five contestants—Austin Li Coon, Dee Valladares, Jake O’Kane, Julie Alley, and Katurah Topps—faced off in an ultimate showdown, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.

In a dramatic conclusion, the jury members cast their votes, and the host, Jeff Probst, unveiled the winner. The crown of “Survivor 45” was bestowed upon Dee Valladares, who secured a decisive victory with five jury votes. The final tally stood at 5 votes for Dee, 3 for Austin, and 0 for Jake, bringing an exhilarating end to the season and cementing Dee’s status as the triumphant Survivor of 2023.

Survivor 45 Finale Recap

Dee Valladares’s victory was not without its share of suspense and drama. Her strategic prowess was on full display, securing her victory with a dominant five votes from the jury. The fire-making drama, strategic twists, and a decisive Final Tribal Council delivered an unforgettable conclusion to this season.

Dynamic Challenges and Strategic Moves

The gripping finale of Survivor 45 featured a showdown among the final five contestants, each with their own strategies and alliances. The episode kicked off with a recap of the 12th episode, highlighting Austin’s reward challenge win and Dee’s immunity triumph, setting the stage for a strategic battle. The tribal council blindsided Drew Basile, making him the sixth member of the jury and leaving viewers on the edge of their seats.

Twists and Turns in the Final Five

As the final five contestants arrived at a new beach, alliances were tested, and tensions ran high. Austin and Dee’s alliance faced a moment of turbulence when Dee apologized to Austin for blindsiding Drew. The strategic intricacies came to the forefront as players raced to unlock a box, with Jake strategically leveraging past Survivor seasons’ details to secure an advantage.

Triumphant Dee and Fire-Making Drama

The intensity reached its peak with the ultimate obstacle course for immunity, leading to Austin’s triumph. However, the fire-making challenge stirred unexpected drama as Katurah’s switched vote and Jake’s idol play unfolded. Ultimately, Dee emerged victorious in the challenge, securing her place in the final three and leaving Jake and Katurah to face off in a fire-making showdown.

Final Tribal Council Drama

The Final Tribal Council brought forth probing questions from the jury, with each finalist defending their strategic moves and gameplay. Austin highlighted his role in the core alliance, while Jake emphasized resilience. Dee, on the other hand, defended her social gameplay and emphasized the importance of building genuine connections. The dynamics of the showmance between Austin and Dee also surfaced, adding another layer to the strategic narrative.

Dee’s Triumph and Jury Decision

As the jury cast their votes, Jeff Probst unveiled the winner of Survivor 45 – Dee Valladares. The final vote count revealed a decisive victory for Dee, with 5 votes in her favor, while Austin secured 3 votes, and Jake received none. The intense season concluded with Dee emerging as the Sole Survivor, showcasing her strategic prowess and social finesse.

Looking Ahead to Survivor 46

With Survivor 45 wrapped up, fans can anticipate another thrilling season of survival, alliances, and blindsides in Survivor 46. The legacy of the iconic reality show continues, leaving viewers eagerly awaiting the next chapter in the unpredictable world of Survivor.

All Survivor 45 Participants

Contestant Age From Finish & Day
Hannah Rose 33 Baltimore, Maryland 1st voted out, Day 3
Brandon Donlon 26 Sicklerville, NJ 2nd voted out, Day 5
Sabiyah Broderick 28 Jacksonville, NC 3rd voted out, Day 7
Sean Edwards 35 Provo, Utah 4th voted out, Day 9
Brandon “Brando” Meyer 23 Seattle, WA 5th voted out, Day 11
J. Maya Krishnan-Jha 24 Los Angeles, CA 6th voted out, Day 13
Sifu (Nicholas Alsup) 30 O’Fallon, IL 7th voted out, Day 14
Kaleb Gebrewold 29 Vancouver, BC 8th voted out, Day 16
Kellie Nalbandian 29 New York City, NY 9th voted out, Day 16
Kendra McQuarrie 30 Steamboat Springs, CO 10th voted out, Day 17
Bruce Perreault 47 Warwick, RI 11th voted out, Day 19
Emily Flippen 28 Laurel, MD 12th voted out, Day 21
Drew Basile 23 Philadelphia, PA 13th voted out, Day 23
Julie Alley 49 Brentwood, TN 14th voted out, Day 24
Katurah Topps 35 Brooklyn, NY Eliminated (8th jury), Day 25
Jake O’Kane 26 Boston, MA 2nd runner-up, Day 26
Austin Li Coon 26 Chicago, IL Runner-up, Day 26
Dee Valladares 26 Miami, FL Sole Survivor

Survivor 45 Overview

Show Title Survivor 45
Presented by Jeff Probst
No. of days 26
No. of castaways 18
Winner Dee Valladares
Runner-up Austin Li Coon
Location Mamanuca Islands, Fiji
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 13
Original network CBS
Original release September 27 – December 20, 2023
Filming dates April 17 – May 12, 2023

FAQs About Survivor 45 Finale Winner 2023

  1. Who won “Survivor” Season 45 in 2023?

    Dee Valladares emerged as the winner of “Survivor” Season 45 in 2023, claiming the title and the $1 million grand prize.

  2. How was the winner of “Survivor” Season 45 determined?

    The winner, Dee Valladares, was determined through a jury vote. After 26 days of intense competition, the jury members cast their votes at the lectern, with Dee securing 5 votes, Austin Li Coon receiving 3 votes, and Jake O’Kane receiving 0 votes.

  3. Were there any other finalists besides the winner in “Survivor” Season 45?

    Yes, besides Dee Valladares, the other finalists in “Survivor” Season 45 were Austin Li Coon, Jake O’Kane, Julie Alley, and Katurah Topps. However, Dee ultimately claimed the $1 million grand prize.

  4. How did the finale of “Survivor” Season 45 unfold?

    The three-hour finale on CBS featured intense moments of Lulu losers, Belo blindsides, and Reba revenge. The climax revealed Dee Valladares as the Sole Survivor after the jury members cast their votes, and Jeff Probst read them aloud.

  5. What was the final vote count in the “Survivor” Season 45 finale?

    In the final vote count during the “Survivor” Season 45 finale, Dee Valladares secured 5 votes, Austin Li Coon received 3 votes, and Jake O’Kane received 0 votes. Dee’s victory was decisive, making her the official winner of the season.

Don’t miss out on the thrilling moments and unexpected twists of “Survivor.” It’s a journey that keeps fans coming back for more, season after season.

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