Tamika Alexander Leave After 20 Years With TV Station: Tamika Alexander’s Career Highlights!

Tamika Alexander Leave After 20 Years With TV Station
Tamika Alexander Leave After 20 Years With TV Station


In the realm of television news, the departure of a longstanding figure can mark the end of an era. Tamika Alexander, a familiar face on screens across West Alabama, bids farewell after an illustrious career spanning over two decades with the TV station. Let’s delve into her journey and the impact she’s made during her tenure.

Tamika Alexander: A Journey of Two Decades

From Humble Beginnings to Prominence

Tamika Alexander’s story is one of perseverance and dedication. Joining the TV station fresh out of high school, she embarked on a journey filled with challenges and triumphs. Starting with menial tasks in the newsroom, Tamika gradually worked her way up, demonstrating a keen aptitude for reporting and production.

The Role of Tamika Alexander

Over the years, Tamika assumed various roles within the station, but it was her position as the main anchor for the 10 p.m. news that truly defined her career. Balancing the demands of this pivotal role with the responsibilities of motherhood, Tamika became a respected and trusted figure in the community.

Impactful Stories and Community Connection

Tamika Alexander’s impact extended beyond the confines of the studio. Through her storytelling prowess, she brought attention to important issues and connected deeply with viewers. One particular story, highlighting the wrongful conviction of Anthony Ray Hinton, exemplifies Tamika’s commitment to amplifying voices and shedding light on injustice.

Tamika Alexander’s Career Highlights

Recognition and Awards

Throughout her tenure, Tamika garnered recognition for her exceptional work. Awards and accolades from esteemed organizations, including the Alabama Broadcasters Association, underscored her contribution to journalism and storytelling.

Commitment to Community Engagement

Tamika’s dedication to community engagement was evident in her reporting. She understood the power of journalism to effect change and actively sought out stories that resonated with the people of West Alabama. Her connection to the community went beyond the screen, reflecting a genuine desire to uplift and empower.

WVUA 23 News: A Backbone of Information

Station Overview

WVUA 23 News, affiliated with Cozi TV, serves as a vital source of information for Tuscaloosa and Northport. Operating independently within the University of Alabama system, the station boasts professional staff and state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring quality programming and news coverage.

Broadcasting Reach and Impact

Despite its regional focus, WVUA 23 reaches a broad audience through its satellite station and digital translator. The station’s commitment to delivering news, entertainment, and community-focused content underscores its importance in the region’s media landscape.


Tamika Alexander’s departure marks the end of a remarkable chapter in the TV station’s history. Her legacy as a journalist, storyteller, and community advocate will endure, inspiring future generations to embrace the power of storytelling for positive change.

FAQs about Tamika Alexander’s Departure

  1. How long has Tamika Alexander been with the TV station? Tamika Alexander has been with the TV station for over 20 years.
  2. When did Tamika Alexander start working at the TV station? Tamika Alexander began working at the TV station right after finishing high school.
  3. What role did Tamika Alexander hold at the TV station? Tamika Alexander became the main anchor for the 10 p.m. news.
  4. What prompted Tamika Alexander to leave the TV station? Tamika Alexander decided to leave the TV station as her son, Jayden, is graduating from high school.
  5. What advice does Tamika Alexander offer to her successor? Tamika Alexander advises her successor to stay connected to the community for impactful reporting.

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