The Coronavirus New Variant Has Emerged in France  

Coronavirus variant Amicron has come up with a new variant in France, currently named IHU, amid concerns. According to scientists, it is more deadly than Omicron. People who have been vaccinated or have been infected once or are considered to have developed an immune system. It can infect people.

According to scientists, there could be 46 mutations in the type of coronavirus found in France. All of these African countries returned from a trip to Cameroon, three days after they complained of shortness of breath, after which their samples were sent for testing. Twelve such cases were reported in mid-November 2021, after which information about the new type came to light.

This type of coronavirus has emerged at a time when the threat of omicron is already growing rapidly worldwide. The first case of Omicron used to be stated on November 24 in South Africa. Since then, it has spread to over 100 countries around the world, including India. Although it is stated to be much less deadly than the Delta variant of the Coronavirus, a distinctive issue has been raised about IHU.

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