Too Good To Adapt, But Worth Trying For A Better Life

Life, as we know, is a mix of many things! Every individual habitating on earth holds a discrete vision of ‘how to lead a life. While happiness and joy are the universal focus, the definition of both terms differs from soul to soul. Something that is too cool and too fun-gaining for a person can be a disastrous thing for someone else.

From time to time, many great personalities have shared the practices that helped them to have a life that can be defined as oddly satisfying and being heavenly. Many people follow the steps that lead to a better life and help people have a better lifestyle. But there are so many things that are written or orally told to achieve the same, and hence it seems quite impossible to adapt them all.

Still, we thought of sharing the good habits that are really too good to adapt in your lifestyle but are worth every effort if you can adapt even one of them. For the efforts you made to click the link and land on this webpage, we would like to congratulate you. And we do hope that you will continue reading till last.

Saving Water – Ever since humans learned to form a society, it has been said quite enough times that water should be saved to every drop that is possible. Water is a natural resource that is not in unlimited quantity. From washing your vehicles regularly to leaking taps in your buildings, there are too many ways that lead to water wastage. When you learn to save water, you learn to save lives! And you lead a life of purpose!

Drinking Enough Water – Whilst the first time you read about drinking water for your better life – we know that’s a perfect lie! Now that we have your attention, let us tell you one more time that drinking enough water every day helps you have great health. You stay healthy from within, and you look young. Enough water consumption helps your mind stay active and you feel refreshed through the day which leads to higher productivity at whatever you do. Saving water is a blessing for mother earth and drinking enough water is a blessing for your body.

Small Celebrations – We know you celebrate festivals and occasions, but how often do you celebrate small moments of celebrations. Partying with your dear ones on birthdays and anniversaries is good, but there are many more little occasions you can party upon. It is so important in today’s time to spend quality time with your family, and if you choose to celebrate often, that lets you achieve the goal. Whether you just got a hike in your pay or your daughter has won a drawing competition, get a cake from the best cake shop in Bangalore or wherever you live, and have moments of bliss along with sweet and creamy deliciousness. Celebration is a process of creating memories that keep releasing happiness endlessly.

Let There Be Love – Ego and self-respect are two different things that people don’t understand. Getting in arguments and fights on highways or with your neighbors is mostly the outcome of hurting your ego. The earth can be a better place for the next generations only if we learn to scatter love and not hate. Instead of shouting and fighting for someone’s mistake on the road, you can thank god for the save and can end the matter with a smile on your face. One of the biggest reasons why relationships don’t last long these days is mistaking ego with self-respect.

Learn To Donate – There is a great phrase that reads, ‘’if you have made yourself capable of living a good life, it becomes your duty to help others have a good life too’’. Taking an example here: everyone can have a better treatment without any financial burden if there is a system of collecting the smallest measure of money as a donation. Most of us spend thousands on our birthday parties whereas we think a thousand times before donating. We don’t ask anyone to donate beyond limits, but we all can donate some. You will achieve a sense of inner satisfaction and happiness when you donate, and the receiver will have a little better life.

Meditate – One of the most result-oriented activities for the human body, meditation is praised highly by those who have extracted the benefits with sheer dedication and consistency. Even though the person writing this doesn’t meditate at all (because it’s really too good to adapt), the benefits of meditation can’t be ignored. You get a sharper mind with more calmness and higher problem-solving skills. You get yourself a body of divinity that gets free of diseases with time. If believed as per Vedas, meditations let a person think and see beyond the universe.

Learn To Apologize – While fighting and arguing seem to take no time to happen, accepting the mistake and apologizing for the same takes forever for many. There is no one on earth who you can prove to have a smooth life, and when you have people in your life, you do have fights. Apart from ‘I LOVE YOU’, ‘Sorry’ is a word that is magical. You can treat the invisible wound by apologizing from your heart. The thing is to really accept that you were at fault, and saying sorry means that you will try your best to not do that again.

Primarily, if you stayed here with us, that’s your first step of adapting the goodness in your lifestyle. We know developing habits take time, but it takes a thought to start developing a habit. A better lifestyle is not only about luxury living and comfort, it is also about the gaiety that your fee within. And you will surely attain that if you choose to be that rare soul who tries to adapt to all the things that are too good to adapt. A little secret for a sweet ending: how one knows the taste of success if there’s no trying!

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