Unique Offerings are Found in This Temple of Chennai! 

In almost all the temples of the country, you get things like laddus, pedal as prasad, but if you go to the Jai Durga Peetham temple in Chennai you will get burgers, sandwiches, and brownies as prasad and that’s it. Apart from burgers, sandwiches, and tomato salad, healthy drinks are also offered in this temple. Know further how the tradition of offering these things started in the temple.

Sridhar, who made the temple hi-tech, believes that whatever is made of the holy spirit, good mind, and holy kitchen can be offered to God as prasad. He also faced detractors when he offered cakes and burgers as prasad but ignored all of them. Prasad is not repeated here in a week. Burgers, sandwiches, cakes, and brownies are served on Saturdays and Sundays.

The special thing about this temple is that there is no donation in it. Priests also do not accept donations for worship. However, the temple management is planning a smart card system.

Apart from this special cakes are given to the devotees as prasad on their birthdays. Temple officials presented Prasadam, a birthday cake, in which the addresses and dates of births of the devotees visiting the temple were recorded.

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