War On Drugs Presale Code: How to Get Presale Code Tickets? War On Drugs Tour Dates 2024!

War On Drugs Presale Code
War On Drugs Presale Code

The War on Drugs, an acclaimed indie rock band, often hosts presale events for their highly anticipated concerts. Securing presale tickets can be a fantastic way to guarantee your spot at their live performances before they sell out to the general public. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of presale codes, where to find them, and how you can ensure you’re among the first to get your hands on tickets for The War On Drugs’ upcoming shows.

Understanding Presale Codes

Presale codes provide fans with early access to tickets for concerts, allowing them to purchase tickets before they become available to the general public. These codes are often distributed through various channels to ensure that dedicated fans have the opportunity to secure their seats in advance.

Where to Find War On Drugs Presale Codes

1. The War on Drugs Official Website

Keeping a close eye on The War on Drugs’ official website is one of the most reliable ways to stay informed about upcoming tours and presales. Regularly check their website for updates and announcements regarding presale events.

2. Live Nation

Live Nation, one of the leading concert promoters worldwide, frequently collaborates with The War on Drugs to organize tours and presale events. Signing up for their email list or downloading their app can grant you access to exclusive presale codes and notifications about upcoming concerts.

3. Social Media Platforms

Following The War on Drugs on popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook is another effective strategy for staying updated on presale information. Artists often use these channels to announce presale codes and share details about their upcoming tours.

War On Drugs Tour 2024

Exciting news for fans of The War On Drugs! The band is set to embark on a tour in 2024, bringing their electrifying performances to the UK and Europe. With shows scheduled across various cities, fans will have ample opportunities to catch The War On Drugs live in action.

Ticket Sale Information

Tickets for The War On Drugs’ 2024 tour are set to go on sale soon. Keep an eye on the band’s official website for detailed information about ticket release dates and purchasing options.

War On Drugs Tour Dates 2024




Apr 4 Riviera Maya, Mexico One Big Holiday
May 18 Pasadena, CA, US Just Like Heaven
Jul 9 Liverpool, UK Mountford Hall
Jul 11 London, UK Royal Albert Hall
Jul 12 London, UK Royal Albert Hall
Jul 12 Bruges, Belgium Cactusfestival
Jul 15 Groningen, Netherlands De Oosterpoort
Jul 17 Horsens, Denmark Lunden
Jul 19 Tromsø, Norway Buktafestivalen
Jul 19 Nordfjordeid, Norway Malakoff Festival

How to Obtain Presale Codes

1. Fan Clubs

Many artists offer presale codes to members of their official fan clubs. Joining The War On Drugs’ fan club could give you exclusive access to presale tickets for their upcoming concerts.

2. Credit Card Companies

Certain credit card companies provide their cardholders with special privileges, including access to presale events for popular concerts. Check with your credit card provider to see if they offer any benefits related to ticket presales.

3. Social Media and Websites

Artists, venues, and event promoters often share presale codes on their social media pages or official websites. Make sure to follow The War On Drugs and related entities closely to stay informed about presale opportunities.

4. Newsletters

Subscribing to newsletters of artists or event organizers can be a convenient way to receive presale codes directly in your inbox. Keep an eye out for emails containing presale information and instructions on how to secure your tickets early.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is a presale code for War On Drugs concerts?

A presale code for War On Drugs concerts is a special access code that allows fans to purchase tickets before they are available to the general public.

2. How can I get a War On Drugs presale code?

Presale codes for War On Drugs concerts are often provided through various channels such as the band’s official website, fan clubs, credit card promotions, or newsletters from ticketing platforms.

3. When are War On Drugs presale codes usually released?

War On Drugs presale codes are typically released a few days before the general ticket sale date, giving fans an opportunity to secure tickets in advance.

4. Do I need to pay extra to access a War On Drugs presale code?

No, accessing a War On Drugs presale code typically does not require any additional fees. However, you may need to sign up for certain platforms or newsletters to receive the code.

5. Can anyone use a War On Drugs presale code?

Presale codes for War On Drugs concerts are usually available to anyone who has access to them, whether through official channels, fan clubs, or promotions. However, they may have limitations on the number of tickets one can purchase.


Don’t miss out on the opportunity to secure your spot at The War On Drugs’ upcoming concerts! By obtaining presale codes and staying informed about ticket release dates, you can ensure that you’ll be among the first to experience their electrifying performances live.

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