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In season 4, episode 5 of Westworld, “Zhuangzi” – compiled by Wes Humphrey and Lisa Pleasure, directed by Craig William Macneill – the gods of Olympiad Entertainment toil among the mortals, questioning the character of the realities.

We join the Host in Black (Erectile dysfunction Harris) because he toys having a wealthy couple in a posh restaurant, disabusing them from the notion those are the masters from the world they believe they’re. “You’ve got no control but you are so assured that you simply do … An attractive lie.” Because he demonstrates precisely how little control they really have, Clementine (Angela Sarafyan) interrupts. He’s needed elsewhere – a colleague’s appetites have grown to be unsustainable.

They get to a condominium and consume a trail of physiques inside. They confront a number named Hope (Nicole Pacent), who Clementine lets us know won a mysterious game, and it was designed to “transcend,” but rather went on the killing spree. HiB reprimands Expect being so careless using the humans. “Care and subtlety” entered every single one of these, “they cannot you need to be replaced.” She will enjoy them, although not waste them. There aren’t any rules here – this is the point – but there’s also no rules for which he is able to do in order to individuals that do not respect this area. It appears our villainous spammy is promoting a gentle place for humanity.

The following day, Halores (Tessa Thompson) is incorporated in the city, sadistically creating a street filled with people dance on her. Once the Host in Black expresses his surprise to locate her here – somewhere she calls a “s—hole” – she explains that she’s a bored God. “Bored. Bored. Bored,” she states from the throne made from compliant humans. She does not realise why they’re still coming here and bothering with all of this. It is a drug they cannot get an adequate amount of, a location to indulge themselves with humanity, the way in which humanity did together. It has been years. She thought they’d have managed to move on right now.

They go for a walk to Tower Island where we become familiar with a couple of more reasons for how this ” new world ” order has worked out. Because they wax philosophically with the levels, we have seen hosts quit their physiques and upload their cores (or “transcend”) into what I am presuming may be the Sublime. This could track with HiB gaining charge of the rear-up system in the Hoover Dam within the premiere, and why the architecture of Tower Island is like the place where Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) met Akecheta (Zahn McClarnon) in episode 3. Halores wished their species would desire to not only “turnabout” on humanity. She wanted these to grow, to alter. Surrender the flesh and pursue ultimate truth and sweetness. But she will not pressure her species to complete what she would like – that’s “the things they might have done.”

Additionally, we learn “the sport” is really a contest where hosts search outliers – people to whom a dark tone has mysteriously eliminate. Hope was certainly one of 38 hosts who continued a killing spree, then required her very own existence, after connection with an outlier. They do not know why this prevents happening.

Finally, she isn’t pleased with our Host in Black’s lack of ability to resolve this issue, screaming that his “predecessor would’ve never f—erectile dysfunction up such as this. He was human but a minimum of he was effective.” She built him to become better, more powerful, smarter but maybe there is a flaw in the programming. He notices she’s once more scratching at her skin (as with season 3), and she or he transmits him off to get the most recent outlier. Appears such as the pressures of godhood are becoming to Halores, and that he is not the only person who’s problematic.

J (Daniel Wu), Stubbs (Luke Hemsworth), and all of those other rebels get to the town, also trying to find the outlier. J explains they locate them by utilizing reprogrammed drones to trace whenever a person breaches their pre-scripted loops. This is the way they located her but they have to hurry the search has already been on. Because they get through New You are able to, they’re spotted by HiB, who uses a dark tone to command pedestrians to fight them.

J races to get at the outlier before she’s wiped out. HiB finds her first, on the rooftop looking in the tower. She asks if he sees it too and that he hesitates. Her ex-husband accustomed to rant about this constantly before he was wiped out and she or he thought he was crazy. He or she must have felt so alone. If I am studying this scene right, her ex-husband was exactly the same outlier Hope wiped out, who had been even the unhoused man around the High Line in episode 2.

She will see in HiB’s eyes the world does not seem sensible to him either. “You are not by yourself,” she states as she lays her mind on his shoulder. He seems momentarily moved, but rapidly regains his feeling of self and prepares to shoot her just like J comes to the nick of your time and shoots him rather. J, the outlier, and also the rebels escape.

The Host in Black, now infected such as the others, has awakened the actual William from his forced cryo-sleep, and demands to be aware what part he plays in Halores’ “perfect” world. William informs his artificial doppelganger that perhaps it is time he asked the character of his reality.

In another a part of town, Christina (Evan Rachel Wood) continues to be on Cloud 9 from her date with Teddy (James Marsden), and Maya (Ariana DeBose) still struggles together with her fly-filled nightmares. When she will get to operate, Christina starts writing a story suspiciously like Dolores’ in Westworld. Her boss, Emmett (Michael Malarkey), catches her penning this unassigned storyline, before he is able to press her any more about this, they’re interrupted by an appointment from Teddy. He instructs her to state something personal emerged and are available meet him.

When she meets Teddy, he attempts to make her begin to see the tower, and she or he all of a sudden realizes he’s the person who saved her from Peter (Aaron Stanford) within the premiere. Initially, she accuses him to be another stalker, but he convinces her to allow him demonstrate to her the planet is really a lie. They know she gets on some level that her place here’s not what she thinks it’s. He asks her to target and alter the storyline of two lonely women around the block. She’s shocked to obtain the experiment effective. He and Peter attempted to inform her – nowadays she’s a god.

Before she will fully process what’s happened, she receives a reminder reminding her of the lunch date together with her “old college roommate.” Teddy insists she keep to the schedule. Pretend everything’s normal and trust nobody. Anybody could be among “us.”

She meets track of that old college roommate who’s the one and only Charlotte now Halores. She presses “Chrissy” through the lunch, asking what she has been as much as or maybe she’s met anybody new. Tessa Thompson will a wonderful job of adding sinister layers to those innocuous questions. This is an incredibly tense sequence. Chrissy, increasing in popularity that something is not quite right together with her “friend,” uses her newly found capability to result in a distraction in the restaurant, and abruptly leaves to mind to work.

At Olympiad, she searches the type files for Charlotte now Hale and it is relieved to locate she is not inside. Then, still curious, she searches for Dolores Abernathy and sparks a reminder that signals “criminal activity.” Chrissy! Never search sensitive info on your projects computer! That’s Office 101! So obviously her weirdo boss calls her into his office and starts to question her. He insists she’s an essential job to complete, and that he is not the only person worried about her performance. “What happens happens if she understood you’d breached the walled garden? She’s already suspicious.” She asks if he means Charlotte now and that he becomes very aggressive. She uses her narrative forces on him, making them let her know in which the walled garden, this “closed system,” is. He replies, “everywhere. You just need to view it.” She instructs him to visit the place to find his partner, so that as he leaves, a door reveals itself to her. It results in a hidden control room having a holographic map from the city. She instructions it to exhibit her her narratives and also the map illuminates by having an overwhelming quantity of them. Horrified, she realizes our planet is simply a story and she’s the storyteller. She will view it actually are clearly now.

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