What are liberal arts, and what can you do with a liberal arts degree?

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Liberal arts is an ancient programme that offers the study of arts and humanities fields. The prime purpose of liberal arts education is to expose students to various arts and humanities subjects. The course has been designed to provide the study of multiple subjects like History, Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology, Literature, Fine arts, and many more to the students. Colleges in India offer specialized liberal art programmes that allow students to choose between major and minor subjects. Students can select the optional subjects according to their interests and understandings. For example, students can choose a minor in political science and take up English as their major subject.

Liberal arts colleges in India will help students to enhance their skills and abilities so that they can think critically and generate incredible ideas. In addition, the study of liberal arts makes students aware of their social responsibility. The course provides a strong base for the students who wish to pursue their careers in the liberal arts field. Aspirants who still think they are not satisfied with the Bachelor’s degree can pursue a Master’s degree in liberal arts. Students can utilize the knowledge gained by pursuing this course in the future for multiple career aspects.

Admission & Eligibility to Liberal Arts Courses

Many top universities in India offer a wide range of courses in Liberal Arts at different levels. Universities offer students a bachelor’s degree in arts at the UG level and a master’s degree in Arts at the PG level in liberal art subjects. Students can choose among the multiple programmes offered by various universities. Students choose the program according to their field of interest.

Students interested in pursuing liberal arts courses must complete their intermediate from a recognized board like CBSE or ICSE with an aggregate percentage. After completing class 12th, students can directly take admission in this course by filling out the online admission form available on the official websites of different colleges. Followed by the online application form submission, entries are made based on the student’s performance in the entrance exams and through merit-based selection. Several entrance tests are organized at the National and State levels to make the selection process easier. The entrance exams for Liberal Arts courses include SAT, DUET, FEAT, SNUEE, AAT, TISS, KIC, etc. Students are further examined to check their ability through personal interviews and group discussions. The admission selection process may vary in different universities.

Career Options after Liberal Arts Degree

The field of liberal arts offers students a wide range of career options. Students enjoy the freedom of choosing their careers according to their interests. However, the top companies in India and around the world demand liberal arts professionals and experts who are trained enough to meet the needs of the current scenario. Therefore, the requirement for skilled liberal art professionals is multiplying. Here are some job options students can choose after acquiring a clear understanding of the liberal arts field:

  1. Journalism
  2. Public Relations
  3. Financial Analysis
  4. Marketing
  5. Advertising
  6. Publishing
  7. Design
  8. Corporate Communication
  9. Copy Writing
  10. Social Work

Reasons why the study of liberal arts is fruitful?

Liberal art experts are in great demand providing vibrant career aspects too. So the study of liberal art courses is gradually becoming important. Here are some reasons to mark the importance of liberal arts education in India and the world:

  • It provides multiple approaches to learning: A liberal arts course offers the study of different fields like history, literature, sociology, philosophy, natural science, and many more. Studying these topics offers detailed knowledge of the specific area the student chooses.
  • Has a vast scope: The liberal art graduates are exposed to study several subjects which help them enhance their skills and abilities. The students’ abilities gained through the liberal arts course will help them choose careers in various fields. Thus, a liberal arts course provides a great scope for students seeking career options such as professional business owners, teachers, journalists, etc.
  • Makes the students understand their social responsibility: Students learn about their social responsibility as individuals. Through the liberal arts course, the students learn simple, yet necessary ethics one should have as an individual. Other than that, they also learn to cooperate and behave well with others.
  • Learning of some soft skills: The liberal arts enhance specific skills among the students pursuing this course. For example, students tend to improve their communication skills and ability to work efficiently.
  • Time Management Skills: Students also learn to manage and perform their tasks on time.


Liberal Arts Courses are now designed with a fresh perspective to enable students to explore and experience updated knowledge in the course curriculum. It provides the graduates with endless career options to build their future in this field. The course is gradually becoming more important, accepted, and encouraged in India. Thus Liberal Arts are the best course students can choose to build their career in this field.

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