What do you need to know to ace your biology class 10 cbse exams?

You don’t have to know it all, of course, but knowing a few key points about each subject will put you at an advantage. Here are the top ten tips for how to study biology that will make it easy to study exemplar class 10 science.

Start by speaking to a teacher. A biology teacher will be happy to answer all your questions, so make sure you talk to a teacher before the exams start. They might be able to tell you things like which textbooks you should have, what materials are useful for studying, and what areas of the class are most important for a good test score.

Stick with one textbook or textbook. There are tons of textbooks on biology out there, but it’s worth looking into one that suits your learning style and provides enough detail for preparation for class 10 cbse exams. This can easily save you time and confusion during the exam. Infinity Learn provides the best class 10 science exemplar solutions.

Don’t just memorize all your notes. While memorization can help you in class, it’s something you don’t want to rely on in an exam. You need to understand concepts and form answers based on what your teacher tells you and the textbook. Unlike school, where the teacher tells you the answers to your problems, in an exam, they’re not going to give you that information. You need to study everything on your own, including how to answer questions like “what is a function?” or “what is an equation?”

Use good note-taking skills. At school, teachers hand out notes between classes, and they’ve been answered by everyone already. At an exam, however, everything is new, and you need to take your own notes. It’s important to take clear and concise notes during class. This means that you should write down key facts and information, but also important things like equations, branches of biology, dates in history, and so on.

Study in small chunks of time. It’s easy to think about studying for biology for class 10 cbse exams as one long task which will take a long time. But in practice, it’s better to break this down into smaller chunks of study time during the week – perhaps 20-30 minutes each day.

Take a rest. One of the biggest mistakes biology students make when studying for class 10 cbse exams is that they don’t take breaks as often as they should. If you’re studying a lot, it’s important to let yourself get tired and to rest your mind.

Use biology flashcards. Flashcards are an excellent way to study for biology class 10 cbse exams because they force you to think about each and every word on the flashcard. Don’t just memorize them, though; actively engage with the contents of the flashcard. Try to remember what facts you’ve seen on a specific flashcard, try to explain them to someone, or even try and answer questions about it. “What is a function?” “What is a hypothesis?” “What is a trait?”

Listen to audiotapes. If there are certain professors who are very good at teaching (or have a strong accent), find their audiotapes online and listen to them while doing other things around your house. You don’t have to listen to the whole thing, just enough to pick up some important new facts and concepts.

Properly prepare for your test. Try to study for biology class 10 cbse exams by tackling one or two key topics that you know will be on the test. You don’t have to actually solve the problems; just try to understand how equations work, how DNA works, what a hypothesis is, or other concepts you’re trying to prepare for. It’s not easy studying biology in general, but it’s even more difficult studying one subject.

Look at the actual exam. Be prepared for your exam by trying to solve sample questions. Some schools have a website that gives you practice problems for the class 10 cbse exams, and you can get your friends to try them out with you. You can also search online for sample tests and answers if your school doesn’t allow you to look through them before exams start.


The key to biology is understanding how things work, so prepare yourself by getting used to reading and writing down formulas, making hypotheses, etc. Biology is a vast and difficult subject, so it’s important to find the things that come easily to you and try to build on them. There’s no need to memorize large chunks of information from the textbook. Instead, find the key facts in each chapter and memorize them. There are no shortcuts for a good biology grade. It’s not easy to study for class 10 cbse exams, but as long as you put in the effort, you’ll be rewarded with good results. It is often said that biology is like a jigsaw puzzle, which requires more time and effort to complete but is more rewarding when you do it properly.

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