What Happened to Eddie Kidd? Where is Eddie Kidd Now? Is Eddie Kidd Still Alive?

What Happened to Eddie Kidd
What Happened to Eddie Kidd

On August 6, 1996, Eddie Kidd, a renowned stunt performer, faced a life-altering incident during a motorcycle jump at the Bulldog Bash held near Stratford-upon-Avon. Despite the relatively modest nature of the jump, spanning approximately 15 meters across a drag strip, Kidd’s fate took a grim turn.

Who is Eddie Kidd?

Eddie Kidd, an English former stunt performer, gained prominence for his daring feats in the world of stunts until a life-altering incident in 1996 changed his trajectory. The accident left Kidd paralyzed and inflicted with brain damage, a significant setback that reshaped his life and career. Despite the challenges, Kidd’s resilience and determination stood out, becoming an emblem of courage in the face of adversity.

In recognition of his contributions beyond the realm of stunts, Eddie Kidd was honored with the title of Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE). This prestigious accolade was bestowed upon him in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List on June 15, 2012, highlighting his commendable services to charity. Beyond his daredevil persona, Kidd’s OBE underscores his enduring impact and commitment to making a positive difference in the community.

Name Eddie Kidd
Gender Male
Born 22 June 1959
Born Place Islington, London, England
Age 64
Occupation Former stunt performer

Eddie Kidd Career

Eddie Kidd’s illustrious career as a stunt performer began at the age of fourteen, where he quickly gained recognition for his exceptional skills. Known for his fearless motorcycle stunts, Kidd holds numerous world records for jumping over cars and buses, showcasing his unparalleled talent and daring spirit. His work extended to the film industry, serving as a stunt double for acclaimed actors such as Timothy Dalton, Roger Moore, Michael Caine, and Pierce Brosnan in various blockbuster films.

One of Kidd’s most iconic motorcycle stunts occurred in the 1979 film “Hanover Street,” doubling for Harrison Ford. Riding at a breathtaking speed of 90 miles per hour, he successfully jumped a 120 feet railway cutting in Shepton Mallet, Somerset.

Noteworthy achievements include doubling for Val Kilmer in “Top Secret!” and performing a motorcycle jump over the Great Wall of China in 1993. Despite an impressive career that included over 12,000 jumps, it wasn’t until 1995 that Kidd obtained a UK motorcycle license.

In 1993, Kidd faced a challenge from American daredevil Robbie Knievel in a world title motorcycle “jump off” competition, triumphantly winning by six feet. Kidd’s career took an unexpected turn in 1996 when a severe accident left him paralyzed and with brain damage. Undeterred, he continued to inspire by taking control of a motorcycle for the Beyond Boundaries Live 2007 Exhibition and carrying the Olympic Torch during its relay journey in 2012.

His remarkable resilience and determination were evident in the 2011 London Marathon, where he began in a wheelchair but walked the rest of the way, labeling it his “greatest stunt yet.” Eddie Kidd’s career shows his indomitable spirit and enduring impact on both the stunt and entertainment worlds.

Eddie Kidd Marriages and Children

Eddie Kidd’s personal life has been marked by several marriages and relationships. His first marriage was to dancer and actress Debbie Ash, the sister of renowned actress Leslie Ash. They had one child together before ultimately divorcing. Following this, Kidd entered into another marriage with Sarah Carr, a waitress at Stringfellows, and the couple welcomed a child before their marriage came to an end.

In a twist of fate, Kidd reconnected with model Samantha Kirli in 2004, twenty-three years after a brief initial relationship. The two decided to tie the knot in 2007, marking another chapter in Kidd’s romantic journey. However, the marriage faced challenges, and the couple eventually separated in December 2012.

Eddie Kidd Net Worth

Eddie Kidd’s Net Worth is $5 million. His primary source of income stemmed from his illustrious career as a stunt performer and motorcycle daredevil. Renowned for his daring feats and numerous world records for jumping over cars and buses, Kidd earned a substantial income through his performances in films and live events.

His work as a stunt double for prominent actors, including Timothy Dalton, Roger Moore, Michael Caine, and Pierce Brosnan, contributed significantly to his financial success. Throughout his career, Kidd’s ability to push the boundaries of motorcycle stunts garnered attention and financial rewards, establishing him as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.

In addition to his stunt work, Kidd’s involvement in various public appearances, exhibitions, and endorsements contributed to his income. His status as a well-known personality in the daredevil community and beyond allowed him to capitalize on opportunities beyond the realm of stunt performances.

However, despite the financial success derived from his career, Kidd faced economic challenges and uncertainties, particularly after the life-altering accident in 1996 that left him paralyzed and with brain damage. The subsequent years saw him navigate personal and financial struggles, showcasing the complex intersection of fame and adversity in his life.

Where is Eddie Kidd Now?

Currently residing in Peacehaven on the south coast, Eddie Kidd, an avid Arsenal fan, shares his life with his partner and is surrounded by the support of his family. Despite his new coastal home, Kidd remains connected to his roots, frequently visiting his old haunts in north London. The move to Peacehaven and his continued engagement with his past underscore his resilience and determination to stay connected to both his personal history and the football club he passionately supports.

Is Eddie Kidd Still Alive?

As of 2024, Eddie Kidd is confirmed to be alive. Contrary to any speculation or misinformation, he continues to thrive despite the challenges he faced following a serious motorcycle accident in 1996. Eddie Kidd’s resilience has allowed him to persevere and remain an enduring figure, inspiring others with his journey of recovery. His continued presence reinforces the fact that he is very much alive and actively engaging with life, showcasing the strength of the human spirit.


Eddie Kidd’s life journey is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. Despite facing immense challenges and setbacks, he has demonstrated unwavering determination and courage. From his daring feats as a stunt performer to his enduring impact on the community, Kidd’s story serves as an inspiration to many.

What Happened to Eddie Kidd – FAQs

  1. What happened to Eddie Kidd in 1996? Eddie Kidd was involved in a serious motorcycle accident during a stunt at the Bulldog Bash in 1996. Despite completing a jump successfully, he sustained head and pelvic injuries, resulting in paralysis and brain damage.
  2. Where is Eddie Kidd now? As of 2024, Eddie Kidd resides in Peacehaven on the south coast with his partner and remains surrounded by family. Despite his new home, he continues to visit his old haunts in north London.
  3. Is Eddie Kidd still alive? Yes, Eddie Kidd is still alive as of 2024. Contrary to initial concerns after his 1996 accident, he has shown remarkable resilience and determination, actively engaging with life.
  4. What accolades has Eddie Kidd received for his contributions? In 2012, Eddie Kidd was made an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for his services to charity. This recognition highlights his commendable contributions beyond the realm of stunt performances.
  5. How did Eddie Kidd’s accident impact his career? The 1996 motorcycle accident left Eddie Kidd paralyzed and with brain damage, altering the trajectory of his stunt career. Despite the setbacks, he remains an inspirational figure, continuing to engage with life and overcome challenges.

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