What Really Happened to Angela van den Bogerd? Who is Angela van den Bogerd?

Who is Angela van den Bogerd

In recent years, the name Angela van den Bogerd has been associated with one of the most significant scandals to hit the United Kingdom’s Post Office. This article delves into the events surrounding Angela van den Bogerd, her role in the scandal, and her career trajectory.


Angela van den Bogerd’s name came into the spotlight during a tumultuous period for the Post Office in 2020. As a long-serving employee with over 33 years of service, she found herself at the center of a controversy that shook the nation. This article explores her journey, the scandal, and her subsequent career moves.

The Post Office Scandal

The Post Office scandal of 2020 sent shockwaves through the UK’s postal service. It all revolved around the implementation of a new IT system known as Horizon, which caused accounting discrepancies. These discrepancies led to wrongful accusations against over 700 sub-postmasters, including Angela van den Bogerd.

Angela’s role in the scandal was pivotal. She was responsible for handling complaints related to the Horizon IT system, a responsibility she had held since 2010. However, during court hearings, she faced criticism for not providing accurate and truthful evidence. The scandal became a national issue, leading to public outcry.

Angela van den Bogerd’s Career at the Post Office

Angela’s career at the Post Office spanned an impressive 33 years. During this time, she climbed the ranks, holding key positions such as head of partnerships and business improvement director. Her expertise made her the go-to person for addressing complaints about the problematic Horizon IT system.

Despite her extensive experience, Angela’s career took a hit due to her involvement in the scandal. Her credibility was questioned, and her role in the controversy led to her departure from the Post Office in 2020.

Portrayal in “Mr. Bates vs The Post Office”

Angela van den Bogerd’s story reached a wider audience with the ITV drama series “Mr. Bates vs The Post Office.” In this series, Angela is portrayed by the talented actress Katherine Kelly. The drama, which aired on January 1, 2024, aimed to depict the true story of the Post Office scandal, with a particular focus on sub-postmasters like Alan Bates, who were wrongly accused of fraud and theft.

Katherine Kelly’s portrayal of Angela adds depth to the narrative, shedding light on the real-life individuals affected by the scandal. The show features an ensemble cast and explores the events surrounding the Horizon IT system and its devastating impact.

The Impact of the Post Office Scandal

The Post Office scandal was not just a blip in the system; it was described as one of the greatest miscarriages of justice in British history. The repercussions of the scandal were far-reaching. Sub-postmasters faced false accusations, legal action, imprisonment, bankruptcy, and even tragic outcomes such as suicide. The scandal highlighted the need for accountability and reform within the Post Office.


Angela van den Bogerd’s journey from a respected Post Office employee to a central figure in a national scandal is a sobering reminder of the consequences of system failures and the importance of truthful testimony in legal proceedings. Her career may have taken unexpected turns, but her story remains a significant chapter in the history of the UK’s postal service.


1. What happened to Angela van den Bogerd in the Post Office scandal?

Angela van den Bogerd faced challenges and left her Post Office job in 2020 amid the Horizon system scandal.

2. Who is Angela van den Bogerd?

Angela van den Bogerd is a businesswoman who handled complaints about the problematic Horizon IT system at the Post Office.

3. What was Angela van den Bogerd’s career?

Angela had a 33-year career at the Post Office, leaving in 2020, and briefly joined FAW, leaving in 2021 amid controversy.

4. What role did Angela van den Bogerd play in the Post Office scandal?

Angela handled complaints and faced criticism for misleading testimonies during court hearings in the Post Office scandal.

5. Who portrays Angela van den Bogerd in “Mr Bates vs The Post Office” ITV drama?

Angela van den Bogerd is portrayed by Katherine Kelly in the ITV drama aired on January 1, 2024.

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