What Really Happened to Felix in Saltburn? Did Oliver Kill Felix? How Did Felix Die in Saltburn?

Did Oliver Kill Felix

Felix’s fate takes a dark turn in “Saltburn” as he confronts Oliver’s lies, leading to a tragic demise, explore the suspenseful storyline surrounding what happened to Felix in this chilling movie.


In the movie “Saltburn,” Felix, a popular student, faces a tragic fate orchestrated by a character named Oliver Quick. Oliver, who develops an unhealthy obsession with Felix, poisons him with a lethal amount of cocaine during an argument in a maze.

The Deception Unveiled

Felix, suspecting a drug overdose, confronts Oliver about his lies before tragically succumbing to the poison. The storyline reveals Oliver’s sinister plan to frame another individual for theft and steal the Catton family’s fortune.

A Web of Deceit

Despite Felix rejecting Oliver upon discovering his deception, the narrative takes unexpected turns as Oliver eliminates the family one by one, maintaining sympathy from audiences. The chilling tale explores the blurred line between right and wrong, portraying Oliver’s manipulative and sociopathic tendencies.

Meet the Actor

In the movie “Saltburn,” the character Felix Catton is played by Australian actor Jacob Elordi. Known for his roles in teen TV shows like “Euphoria” and the popular “The Kissing Booth” movies, Jacob Elordi portrays Felix, a tall and handsome college student from a wealthy aristocratic family.

Felix’s Dark Fate

In the film, Felix befriends the main character, Oliver, and invites him to spend the summer at his family’s luxurious estate, Saltburn. Jacob Elordi’s charismatic performance adds depth to the character of Felix in this suspenseful and darkly comedic thriller.

The Tragic Demise

In the movie “Saltburn,” Felix tragically dies after confronting Oliver about his lies. Oliver, who had developed an unhealthy obsession with Felix, poisons him intentionally. The story unfolds as Oliver, driven by a sinister motive, deceives Felix about his family background, leading to a confrontation.

The Poisoned Champagne

Driven to possess Felix, Oliver hands him a bottle of poisoned champagne, resulting in Felix’s death from an accidental overdose. The movie explores the dark and suspenseful circumstances surrounding Felix’s demise and the chilling events that lead to this tragic turn of events.

What Happened To Felix in Saltburn – FAQs

1. What led to Felix’s tragic fate in Saltburn?

Felix’s demise was a result of confronting Oliver about deceptive lies, leading to a mysterious turn of events.

2. How did Oliver’s unhealthy obsession with Felix contribute to the storyline?

Oliver’s obsession fueled a dark plot, influencing Felix’s tragic fate and intensifying the suspense in Saltburn.

3. Why did Felix reject Oliver after discovering his deception?

Felix rejected Oliver upon realizing the fabricated nature of his tragic backstory, exposing Oliver’s lies.

4. What role did the family estate, Saltburn, play in the unfolding events?

Saltburn served as the backdrop for dramatic confrontations, unveiling Oliver’s sinister intentions and Felix’s tragic end.

5. How did the poisoned champagne play a pivotal role in Felix’s death?

Oliver handed Felix a bottle of poisoned champagne, resulting in a fatal accidental overdose that led to Felix’s demise.

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