What Really Happened To Frank Ski? Who is Frank Ski?

Who is Frank Ski

Frank Ski, a prominent figure in Atlanta’s radio scene, bid farewell to Kiss 104.1 WALR after a three-year stint, as the station chose not to renew his contract. His departure marks the end of an era, leaving fans curious about Frank Ski’s next chapter.

Frank Ski’s Departure

Renowned Atlanta radio host Frank Ski has officially said his goodbyes to Kiss 104.1 WALR. Despite the parting, Ski remains enthusiastic about a new chapter in Atlanta and has exciting projects in the pipeline. Among them is a book titled “Inspirational Vitamin” and the release of two musical albums. Frank Ski’s departure not only signals the end of his time at the radio station but also leaves a positive impact on Atlanta’s radio scene, paving the way for promising ventures in the near future.

Who is Frank Ski?

Frank Ski, whose real name is Frank Rodriguez, is a multifaceted American talent. He wears many hats, including DJ, journalist, philanthropist, radio personality, and public forums host. Moreover, he’s known in the music industry as a Baltimore club and house music artist, both as a solo artist and as part of the group “2 Hyped Brothers & a Dog” during the 1990s.

From 1998 to 2012, and again from 2017 to January 2019, Frank Ski co-hosted the “Frank and Wanda Morning Show” alongside Wanda Smith on the Atlanta urban contemporary radio station WVEE. In addition to this, he currently hosts another morning show titled “The Morning Culture,” where he’s joined by Jade Novah and J.R. Jackson.

One of Frank Ski’s notable achievements is his award-winning radio and television personality status. His nationally syndicated radio show, “The Frank Ski Show,” has graced the airwaves for the past three decades. Throughout his career, he has worked with various radio stations, including Atlanta’s V-103 and KISS 104.1, Washington, DC’s WHUR, and Baltimore’s V103 and 92Q, where he consistently achieved record-breaking Arbitron ratings during his broadcast tenure.

Beyond his media accomplishments, Frank Ski is deeply involved in philanthropy. His commitment to fostering intellectual, creative, and confident individuals among children is evident through his “Frank Ski Kids Foundation.” This foundation is dedicated to exposing children to science, technology, athletics, and the arts.

Frank Ski’s Departure from Kiss 104.1 WALR

Yes, Frank Ski is indeed leaving Kiss 104.1 WALR. After a three-year run, the station opted not to renew his contract. Ski’s departure comes with mixed emotions, as he acknowledges the challenge of parting ways with his friends at CMG. However, he’s also excited about embarking on a new chapter in Atlanta.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding his future endeavors, Frank Ski has dropped hints about upcoming projects that have left fans curious about what’s next. Among these projects is the release of a book titled “Inspirational Vitamin” and the launch of two musical albums. The departure of this radio icon undoubtedly has an impact on the Atlanta radio scene, and it will be fascinating to see how his legacy continues to unfold.

Frank Ski – FAQs

1. Why is Frank Ski leaving Kiss 104.1 WALR?

Frank Ski is leaving as the station did not renew his contract after a three-year run.

2. What does Frank Ski express about his departure?

Ski expresses mixed emotions, finding it difficult to part ways but expressing excitement for a new chapter in Atlanta.

3. Any details about Frank Ski’s upcoming projects?

While specifics are not disclosed, Ski hints at expanding syndication, teases a book titled “Inspirational Vitamin,” and two musical albums.

4. How long has Frank Ski been with Kiss 104.1?

Frank Ski served as the morning drive host for the past three years at Kiss 104.1 WALR.

5. Who is co-hosting The Frank Ski Show with Nina Brown?

Despite changes at Kiss 104.1, Nina Brown continues to co-host The Frank Ski Show with Nina Brown.

In conclusion, Frank Ski’s departure from Kiss 104.1 WALR marks the end of an era in Atlanta’s radio landscape. As he sets his sights on new horizons with exciting projects on the horizon, his legacy in the industry and commitment to philanthropy continue to shine brightly. Frank Ski’s impact on radio and his influence on the community remain enduring and admirable.

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