When Shah Rukh Khan Told Salman Khan ‘Nothing Will Happen to You’ After He Failed to Do THIS!

When Shah Rukh Khan taught Salman Khan something and he still couldn’t do it, Shah Rukh got disappointed.

Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan, known as the reigning Khans of Bollywood, share a strong bond. Despite past differences, their friendship has grown stronger. They often refer to each other as brothers from another mother. In an old video from Salman’s show Bigg Boss, Shah Rukh is seen teaching Salman how to be gentle with girls and handle romantic scenes. Their camaraderie shows that despite their stardom, they can share light moments and advice with each other.

Watch the video of Shah Rukh Khan telling Salman Khan, ‘Tera kuch nahi hoga’ after he fails to do the kind of romance he teaches him:

In a video, Shah Rukh Khan showcased his romantic prowess with Rani Mukerji, earning him the title “King of Romance.” However, when Salman Khan attempted a similar scene, it didn’t quite match up. Rani was captivated by SRK’s gentle dialogue delivery, highlighting his charm. Shah Rukh then challenged Salman to replicate the same romantic vibe, but Salman’s style didn’t quite fit the bill, showing that romancing heroines isn’t his strong suit like it is for SRK.

Shah Rukh Khan passes the guitar to Salman, urging him to try the romantic scene with Rani Mukerji. However, when Salman attempts the dialogue, “So what,” he falters, causing Rani to burst into laughter. Disappointed, Shah Rukh tells Salman, “Nothing will happen to you, Salman. I’m telling you, if you continue like this.” It shows Shah Rukh’s disappointment and humorously highlights Salman’s struggle with the romantic dialogue, contrasting their differing styles in romancing heroines.

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