When Will Susan Smith Be Released From Prison? Where is Susan Smith Now? Susan Smith Release Date Everything You Need to Know!

Where is Susan Smith Now


Susan Smith’s name became infamous for the heinous act of murdering her two young sons, Michael and Alexander, in 1994. The tragedy, coupled with her initial false claims about their abduction, captured the world’s attention. This article delves into the present whereabouts of Susan Smith, her past, the crime she committed, and her prospects for release from prison.

Susan Smith’s Current Location

Susan Smith is presently serving her sentence at the Leath Correctional Institution, which is located near Greenwood, South Carolina. She was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole after 30 years for the tragic murder of her two sons. Her eligibility for parole is set for November 4, 2024, as confirmed by the South Carolina Department of Corrections.

Susan Smith’s Background

Susan Smith, born Susan Leigh Vaughan on September 26, 1971, had a troubled past marked by numerous challenges. Her father’s suicide when she was just six years old, followed by her own attempted suicide at age 13, deeply affected her. Furthermore, she alleged molestation by her stepfather, adding to her already tumultuous upbringing.

After marrying David Smith and having two sons, it was a devastating turn of events when she drowned her children in a South Carolina lake in 1994.

The Tragic Act

Susan Smith’s notoriety stems from the heart-wrenching act of murdering her two sons, Michael and Alexander, by drowning them in a South Carolina lake. What made her case even more shocking was her initial false claim that a Black man had abducted her sons during a carjacking. This fabricated narrative captivated the media’s attention until the truth came to light.

The tragic incident and subsequent revelations shocked the public, raising questions about the complexities of the human psyche, mental health, and judgment. Her actions resulted in a conviction and a life sentence, making her case a deeply saddening and tragic chapter in the realm of criminal cases.

Susan Smith’s Prospects for Release

Susan Smith’s eligibility for parole is scheduled for November 4, 2024. Her release will hinge on the parole board’s decision at that time. The events of 1994, where she drowned her two sons, led to a life sentence. The parole hearing will determine whether she is granted release or continues to serve her sentence.

It’s important to note that various factors will likely be considered during the parole decision, including Smith’s behavior during her incarceration, any rehabilitation efforts she has made, and an assessment of her readiness to reintegrate into society.


The tragic story of Susan Smith serves as a stark reminder of the devastating consequences of her actions. Her conviction for the murder of her own children shocked the nation and the world. As her parole eligibility date approaches, many will be watching to see what the future holds for Susan Smith.

Susan Smith – FAQs

  1. What crime was Susan Smith convicted of? Susan Smith was convicted of murdering her two young sons by drowning them in a South Carolina lake in 1994.
  2. Where is Susan Smith currently imprisoned? She is incarcerated at the Leath Correctional Institution near Greenwood, South Carolina.
  3. When is Susan Smith eligible for parole? Susan Smith becomes eligible for parole on November 4, 2024, after serving 30 years for her crime.
  4. Did Susan Smith initially claim her sons were kidnapped? Yes, she falsely claimed that a Black man had kidnapped her sons during a carjacking.

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