Where can I Watch The “Zoo” Documentary Online? How to Watch Zoo Documentary?

Where to Watch Zoo Documentary

Dive into the untamed realms of human choices and consequences, as ‘Zoo’ grazes its way onto your screens – catch the gripping documentary on the edge of civilization, available for streaming today.

Zoo Documentary

“Zoo” is a documentary movie from 2007. It tells the story of a man named Kenneth Pinyan, who passed away because of a serious health issue called peritonitis. This happened after he had intimate contact with a horse. The movie uses recordings of people who were part of the situation or knew Pinyan. It also has scenes where actors act out parts of the story.

The title of the film, “Zoo,” refers to a term used for people who have a romantic interest in animals, called zoophiles. The filmmakers wanted to talk about this topic without making it too shocking. Instead, they focused on showing the human side of the people involved.

The movie first showed at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2007, where it was one of 16 documentaries chosen out of 857. After that, it was picked as one of five American films to be part of the Directors’ Fortnight at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival.

Zoo Documentary Cast

Actor Character
Coyote Self
Jenny Edwards Self
John Edwards Self
John Paulsen Mr. Hands
Ron Carrier The Happy Horseman
Russell Hodgkinson H
Tom Gormally The Polishman
Forest Fousel Capitol Hill Man (as Forest L. Fousel)
Brad Harrington Bremerton Man
Andrew Scott McIntyre Military Man (as Andrew McIntyre)
Richard Carmen Mr. Hands’ Brother
Ken Kreps Mr. Hand’s Father
Malayka Gormally Mr. Hands’ Wife
Conor Gormally Mr. Hands’ Son
Robert Padilla The Rancher
Janine Rose Schweickert The Rancher’s Wife
Paul Eenhoorn Lead Detective
Michael J. Minard Cop #1 (as Michael Minard)
Robert Power Detective #2
Melissa Albin Additional Voice Talent (voice)
Jessica Aceti The Stewardess
Susan M. Carr Coyote’s Mother (as Susan Carr)
Bob Fink The Doctor
Karl Holzheimer The Photographer
Marjorie Maler The Unknown Girl
Bill McQuaid The Hunter
Don Reid The Pilot
Patrick Shoe Male Nurse
Patricia Watson Female Nurse
Somebody’s Baby Animal
Jonah Animal
Pete Animal
Terry Animal
Carson Animal
Ray Grady Animal (as Grady)
Diesel Animal
Tom Leykis Self (voice)
Rush Limbaugh Self (voice)

Where to Watch Zoo Documentary?

You can check popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, or platforms that specialize in documentaries like HBO Max or documentary-focused streaming services. Additionally, you may find it available for rent or purchase on platforms like Google Play Movies & TV or iTunes. Keep in mind that availability can vary by region and over time, so it’s a good idea to check multiple platforms or conduct an online search for the most up-to-date information on where to watch “Zoo.”

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How to Watch Zoo Documentary?

To watch the documentary “Zoo,” follow these steps:

1. Streaming Services

Check popular streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, or HBO Max. Search for the documentary in their respective search bars.

2. Rental/Purchase

If the documentary is not available on streaming platforms, you may find it for rent or purchase on platforms like Google Play Movies & TV, iTunes, or Vudu.

3. Documentary-Focused Platforms

Explore platforms that specialize in documentaries, as they might feature “Zoo.” Look for services like CuriosityStream or documentary-specific streaming channels.

4. Online Search

Conduct a quick online search to find the most current information on where to watch “Zoo.” This can lead you to updated streaming options or any recent releases on new platforms.

5. Library or Local Stores

Check if your local library offers the documentary or if it’s available for purchase in local stores or online retailers.

Remember to consider the availability in your region, and if the documentary is not found on one platform, try another. Keep in mind that the availability of content on streaming platforms can change over time.

Zoo Documentary Plot

In July 2005, near the small town of Enumclaw, Washington, Kenneth Pinyan tragically passed away while attempting a sexual act with a horse, leading to a police investigation. This investigation uncovered a group of individuals interested in zoophilia, organizing gatherings at a local farm for engaging in sexual activities with horses. The police found videotapes and DVDs at the farm depicting men involved in such acts with Arabian stallions.

Surprisingly, Washington had no laws against bestiality at that time. In response to the incident, the State Senate promptly voted to criminalize bestiality in 2006. Although no animal cruelty charges were filed due to a lack of evidence of harm to the horses, the person recording the incident, James Michael Tait, faced criminal trespassing charges.

Curious about the people in the underground world of zoophilia, Seattle-based filmmakers Robinson Devor and Charles Mudede interviewed individuals close to the case, including members of the zoophile group. The film features interviews with three zoophiles known by their online names—Coyote, H, and the Happy Horseman. H was the organizer of the zoo gatherings, and Coyote was the only one willing to participate in the film’s re-enactments.

Other interviewees include Jenny Edwards, the founder of a local animal rescue organization involved in investigating potential animal abuse, as well as legislators and local law enforcement officers. The documentary sheds light on this unusual and controversial topic by exploring different perspectives surrounding the incident.

Where to Watch Zoo Documentary – FAQs

  1. Where can I watch the “Zoo” documentary online? You can check popular streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and HBO Max. Additionally, rental or purchase options may be available on services like Google Play Movies & TV or iTunes.
  2. Is “Zoo” available on documentary-specific streaming services? Yes, explore platforms specializing in documentaries such as CuriosityStream or other documentary-focused channels.
  3. Are there any region-specific restrictions for watching “Zoo”? Availability may vary by region, so it’s recommended to check the specific streaming services or conduct an online search for the most up-to-date information in your location.
  4. Are there alternative ways to access “Zoo” if it’s not on popular streaming platforms? If the documentary is not on mainstream platforms, consider searching for alternative streaming services, or check if there are any new releases on different platforms.
  5. Can I find information on where to watch “Zoo” through an online search? Yes, conducting an online search for the most recent information on where to watch “Zoo” can provide updated streaming options and availability.

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