Where is Chris Watts Now? Who is Chris Watts? What was Chris Watts Charged With?

Where is Chris Watts Now
Where is Chris Watts Now

In this article, we will delve into the life and actions of Chris Watts, a name that became synonymous with a gruesome and tragic event. We will explore where he is now, who he is, the charges he faced, and the heart-wrenching details of his crimes. Join us on this somber journey to understand the story of Chris Watts.


On August 13, 2018, a horrifying incident shook the nation, leading to the arrest and conviction of Chris Watts. This article aims to provide insights into the life of Chris Watts, where he is currently, and the grim details of the crimes that led to his incarceration.

Who is Chris Watts?

Chris Watts was born on May 16, 1985, in Spring Lake, North Carolina. His name would become infamous for the tragic events that unfolded in Frederick, Colorado, on that fateful day in 2018. Watts worked as an oil field operator and appeared to be an ordinary family man.

The Tragic Events of August 13, 2018

On August 13, 2018, Chris Watts committed an unspeakable act. He murdered his pregnant wife, Shanann, aged 34, by strangulation, and their two young daughters, Bella, aged 4, and Celeste, aged 3, by smothering them. Initially, he denied any involvement, but the truth would soon come to light.

Where is Chris Watts Now?

As of now, Chris Watts is serving multiple life sentences without the possibility of parole at Dodge Correctional Institution in Wisconsin. The tragedy unfolded in Frederick, Colorado, but his heinous acts have condemned him to a life behind bars.

What was Chris Watts Charged With?

Chris Watts faced a litany of charges for his gruesome actions. He was charged with five counts of first-degree murder for each family member, including the death of his unborn child. Additionally, he faced charges of unlawful termination of a pregnancy and tampering with deceased human bodies. His actions were nothing short of horrifying.

The Fate of His Daughters

Chris Watts’s daughters, Bella and Celeste, aged 4 and 3, were smothered to death by their own father. This unimaginable act occurred after he had already taken the life of their mother, Shanann, and buried her in a shallow grave. Watts’s actions cast a dark shadow over the lives of these innocent children.

The Date of the Tragedy

The tragic events transpired on August 13, 2018, in Frederick, Colorado, USA. Watts committed these horrific acts in the early hours of that day, forever altering the lives of his family and the community.

Chris Watts’ Arrest

Chris Watts’s arrest came swiftly on August 15, 2018. His arrest followed a failed polygraph test and his subsequent confession to the authorities. Despite initially denying any involvement, the evidence against him was overwhelming.

It was revealed during the investigation that Watts had been having an affair and had requested a separation from Shanann. He claimed that she had strangled the girls, prompting his violent response. However, the evidence contradicted his story, leading to his arrest on multiple counts of first-degree murder and related offenses.


The story of Chris Watts is a haunting reminder of the darkness that can reside within seemingly ordinary individuals. His heinous actions shocked the nation and continue to serve as a grim reminder of domestic violence and family tragedy. Watts now resides in prison, paying the price for the unimaginable pain he caused.


1. Where is Chris Watts now?
Chris Watts is currently serving his sentence at Dodge Correctional Institution in Wisconsin, following his conviction for the murders.

2. Who is Chris Watts?
Chris Watts is an individual who gained notoriety for the murder of his pregnant wife, Shanann, and their two daughters, Bella and Celeste, in August 2018.

3. What was Chris Watts charged with?
Chris Watts was charged with multiple counts of first-degree murder for killing his wife and daughters, along with unlawful termination of a pregnancy and tampering with deceased human bodies.

4. What did Chris Watts do to his daughters?
Chris Watts murdered his daughters, Bella and Celeste, by smothering them to death after killing his wife, Shanann, in Frederick, Colorado.

5. When was Chris Watts arrested?
Chris Watts was arrested on August 15, 2018, in connection with the disappearance of his family, which ultimately led to the discovery of their murders.

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