Where is Jeff Gordon Now? Who is Jeff Gordon? Know Jeff Gordon Career!

Where is Jeff Gordon Now
Where is Jeff Gordon Now

Jeff Gordon, a prominent figure in American stock car racing, has transitioned from being a NASCAR Cup Series driver to taking up a leadership role at Hendrick Motorsports, one of NASCAR’s most successful teams.

Jeff Gordon’s Current Role at Hendrick Motorsports

As the vice chairman of Hendrick Motorsports, Jeff Gordon is deeply involved in the management and leadership of the organization. In this capacity, he contributes to strategic decision-making processes, collaborating closely with key figures such as Jeff Andrews, the president, and general manager.

Full Name Jeffery Michael Gordon
Date of Birth August 4, 1971
Birthplace Vallejo, California, USA
Height 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
Weight 150 lb (68 kg)
Racing Career Former professional stock car racing driver
Raced full-time from 1993 to 2015
NASCAR Affiliation Vice chairman of Hendrick Motorsports
NASCAR Team Drove the No. 24 Chevrolet for Hendrick Motorsports in the NASCAR Cup Series

Transition from Racing to Leadership

Gordon’s shift from a superstar driver to a top executive exemplifies his enduring commitment to the sport. His dedication is evident in his collaborative efforts with the team’s leadership, ensuring Hendrick Motorsports remains competitive and successful in NASCAR’s fiercely competitive landscape.

Continued Influence and Expertise

While Gordon no longer races, his influence persists within the NASCAR community. He provides valuable insights and analysis as a commentator and analyst, furthering the sport’s popularity and development.

Jeff Gordon’s Background and Achievements

Born on August 4, 1971, in Vallejo, California, Jeff Gordon began racing at a young age, showcasing exceptional talent and winning numerous accolades throughout his career. He achieved remarkable success in the NASCAR Cup Series, clinching four championships and securing 93 race wins.

Impact on NASCAR and Popularization of the Sport

Gordon played a pivotal role in popularizing NASCAR, captivating mainstream audiences with his skill, charisma, and competitive spirit. His contributions to the sport’s growth extend beyond the racetrack, making him a beloved figure among fans worldwide.

Ventures Beyond Racing

In addition to his racing endeavors, Gordon has ventured into team ownership and broadcasting. His current role at Hendrick Motorsports and his work as a commentator underscore his enduring dedication to NASCAR.


Jeff Gordon’s journey from racing prodigy to esteemed executive reflects his unwavering passion for NASCAR. His enduring legacy continues to shape the sport’s landscape, ensuring its enduring popularity and success.

Where is Jeff Gordon Now – FAQs

  1. What is Jeff Gordon’s current role in NASCAR?
    • Jeff Gordon currently serves as the vice chairman of Hendrick Motorsports.
  2. How many times did Jeff Gordon win the Daytona 500?
    • Jeff Gordon won the Daytona 500 three times in his career.
  3. What are some of Jeff Gordon’s notable achievements in NASCAR?
    • Some of Jeff Gordon’s notable achievements include winning four NASCAR Cup Series championships and securing 93 career race wins.
  4. Is Jeff Gordon still involved in racing after retiring from driving?
    • Yes, Jeff Gordon remains actively involved in racing as a team executive and commentator for NASCAR races.
  5. Does Jeff Gordon own a NASCAR team?
    • While Jeff Gordon does not own a NASCAR team outright, he holds an ownership stake in Hendrick Motorsports and co-owns the No. 48 Chevrolet with Rick Hendrick.

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