Where is Jeremy Bamber Now? Is Jeremy Bamber Still in Prison? What Really Happened to Jeremy Bamber?

Where is Jeremy Bamber Now

In this article, we will delve into the life of Jeremy Bamber, a name that has been synonymous with one of the most infamous murder cases in the United Kingdom. Jeremy Bamber’s story is one of tragedy, crime, and a life spent behind bars. Join us as we explore where Jeremy Bamber is now, the events that led to his incarceration, and the ongoing legal battles that have kept him in prison for decades.

Where is Jeremy Bamber Now?

Jeremy Bamber is currently serving his life sentence at HM Prison Wakefield. But his time in prison has been anything but ordinary. Despite being confined within the prison walls, Bamber has managed to find purpose and engage in positive activities.

A Positive Impact Behind Bars

One might wonder what kind of life Jeremy Bamber leads within the confines of HM Prison Wakefield. Surprisingly, Bamber has been actively involved in educational initiatives while serving his sentence. He has taken it upon himself to help fellow inmates learn to read and write. His efforts have not gone unnoticed, as he has received recognition and even won awards for his contributions, particularly for his work in transcribing books in the prison’s braille workshop.

The Prison Community

HM Prison Wakefield is where Jeremy Bamber currently resides. His involvement in these activities reflects a constructive aspect of his life within the prison system. It’s a testament to the idea that even in the most challenging circumstances, individuals can find ways to make a positive impact on their surroundings.

Who is Jeremy Bamber?

To understand Jeremy Bamber’s life behind bars, it’s essential to grasp the events that led to his imprisonment. Jeremy Bamber, born Jeremy Paul Marsham on January 13, 1961, in Kensington, London, became infamous for the 1985 White House Farm murders in Tolleshunt D’Arcy, Essex. This gruesome crime involved the killing of his adoptive parents, Nevill and June Bamber, his adoptive sister Sheila Caffell, and her six-year-old twin sons, Daniel and Nicholas Caffell, all done using a rifle.

Full Name Jeremy Nevill Bamber (born Jeremy Paul Marsham)
Date of Birth 13 January 1961
Place of Birth Kensington, London, England
Criminal Status Incarcerated
Conviction(s) Murder (5 counts)
Criminal Penalty Whole life order (convicted 28 October 1986)
Date of Murders 7 August 1985
Location Tolleshunt D’Arcy, Essex, England
Victims Adoptive parents Nevill and June Bamber, sister Sheila Caffell, and her twin sons Daniel and Nicholas Caffell
Weapon Rifle
Date Apprehended 29 September 1985
Prison HM Prison Wakefield
Years in Prison 38 years (as of 2023)
Current Status Alive and serving a life sentence
Education Attended St Nicholas Primary, Maldon Court, Gresham’s School, and The Sixth Form College in Colchester

The Crime and Conviction

Bamber’s motive for these heinous acts was to secure a substantial inheritance. The jury found him guilty of orchestrating the murders and staging the crime scene to look like a murder-suicide, going as far as placing the rifle in his sister’s hands, who had schizophrenia. As a result, Bamber received a whole life order in 1986, which means he has no chance of parole.

Decades Behind Bars

As of 2023, Jeremy Bamber has spent 38 years in prison, making him one of the United Kingdom’s longest-serving prisoners. Despite multiple unsuccessful attempts to appeal or have his sentence reconsidered, Bamber’s conviction remains intact.

Ongoing Legal Battles

Over the years, the case has undergone reviews, but no new evidence or legal argument has emerged to overturn his conviction. However, this hasn’t deterred Bamber and his supporters. In 2021, he submitted a new application to the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) with fresh evidence, challenging his conviction. Recent developments in 2022 and 2023 include Bamber’s legal team presenting additional evidence questioning the prosecution’s claims about injuries and the Independent Office for Police Conduct ruling that Essex Police mishandled aspects of the case.


Jeremy Bamber’s life is a complex tapestry of tragedy, crime, and legal battles. He is a man who, despite his incarceration, has found a way to make a positive impact on the prison community. While his conviction remains intact, ongoing legal actions suggest that the story of Jeremy Bamber is far from over.


  1. Where is Jeremy Bamber now? Jeremy Bamber is serving his life sentence at HM Prison Wakefield.
  2. Is Jeremy Bamber still in prison? Yes, Jeremy Bamber is currently incarcerated at HM Prison Wakefield.
  3. What happened to Jeremy Bamber? Jeremy Bamber was convicted in 1985 for the White House Farm murders in Essex.
  4. Is Jeremy Bamber still alive? Yes, Jeremy Bamber is alive and remains in prison.
  5. How long has Jeremy Bamber been in prison? As of 2023, Jeremy Bamber has spent 38 years behind bars.

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