Where is Jeremy Roloff Now? Who is Jeremy Roloff? What is Jeremy Roloff doing now?

Where is Jeremy Roloff Now
Where is Jeremy Roloff Now

Introduction to Jeremy Roloff

Jeremy Roloff, a former star of the popular reality TV show “Little People, Big World,” has transitioned into a multifaceted entrepreneur and family man. Departing from the show in 2015, Jeremy has since embarked on various endeavors while maintaining a strong online presence alongside his wife Audrey.

Current Ventures

In the present day, Jeremy Roloff is primarily focused on managing his family’s farm and operating a lifestyle business with Audrey. Together, they have ventured into product creation, including marriage journals and books such as “A Love Letter Life” and “Creative Love.” Their online platform features blogs, podcasts, and e-commerce functionalities, providing insights into their personal and professional lives.

Life after “Little People, Big World”

After bidding farewell to “Little People, Big World,” Jeremy redirected his attention towards nurturing his marriage and expanding his family. While occasional appearances on the show still occur, his main priorities lie in entrepreneurship and family life.

Who is Jeremy Roloff?

Jeremy Roloff gained prominence through his role in “Little People, Big World,” a reality TV series that documented the lives of the Roloff family. Alongside his twin brother Zach, Jeremy captivated audiences with his authenticity and relatable demeanor. Despite the show’s conclusion, Jeremy’s influence transcends television, as he continues to inspire millions through his entrepreneurial pursuits and online presence.

Personal Life

Married to Audrey Roloff, Jeremy embraces his role as a husband and father with unwavering dedication. Their family dynamic, enriched by their Christian faith, serves as a cornerstone of their endeavors, fostering a sense of purpose and unity.

Professional Endeavors

Beyond his reality TV roots, Jeremy Roloff thrives as an entrepreneur, delving into various projects ranging from writing books to managing small businesses. His entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with a creative mindset, propels him towards continued success in diverse fields.

Social Media Presence

Jeremy leverages his substantial following on social media platforms, particularly Instagram, to connect with his audience and endorse products aligned with his values. Through sponsored content and engaging posts, he maintains an active presence in the digital sphere.

Current Projects and Activities

Presently, Jeremy and Audrey are immersed in renovating their farmhouse in Hillsboro, Oregon, while also overseeing operations on their nearby farm. Despite stepping away from the limelight, Jeremy remains committed to sharing glimpses of his life with fans, ensuring transparency and authenticity.

Criticism and Controversies

While navigating life beyond reality TV, Jeremy has encountered scrutiny regarding his parenting choices and lifestyle. Despite facing criticism, he remains resolute in his decisions, prioritizing the well-being of his family above all else.


In conclusion, Jeremy Roloff exemplifies resilience and adaptability as he forges his path outside the realm of reality television. Through unwavering determination and a steadfast commitment to his values, Jeremy continues to inspire and connect with audiences worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions about Jeremy Roloff

  1. What is Jeremy Roloff doing now?
    • Jeremy Roloff is currently managing his family’s farm, running a lifestyle business with his wife Audrey, and maintaining a strong online presence through social media and writing books.
  2. Has Jeremy Roloff returned to “Little People, Big World”?
    • While Jeremy and Audrey Roloff occasionally appear on “Little People, Big World,” they are no longer regulars on the show.
  3. What kind of business does Jeremy Roloff run with his wife Audrey?
    • Jeremy and Audrey Roloff run a lifestyle business that includes creating products like marriage journals and writing books such as “A Love Letter Life” and “Creative Love.”
  4. What does Jeremy Roloff focus on besides his reality TV background?
    • Besides his reality TV background, Jeremy Roloff focuses on managing his family’s farm, maintaining a strong online presence with Audrey, and pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors.
  5. How does Jeremy Roloff use his Instagram popularity?
    • Jeremy Roloff uses his Instagram popularity for sponsored posts and giveaways, leveraging his large following to promote products and engage with his audience.

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