Who is Jake Paul Girlfriend? Did Jake Paul Girlfriend Cheat on Him?

Who is Jake Paul Girlfriend
Who is Jake Paul Girlfriend

Introduction: Jake Paul’s Current Relationship

Jake Paul, the renowned American YouTuber and internet personality, is currently in a relationship with Jutta Leerdam, a Dutch speed skater. Their relationship came to light in April 2023, and it has since been a subject of curiosity for many.


Jake Joseph Paul

Date of Birth January 17, 1997
Age 27 Years
Place Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.
Occupations Boxer



Social Media Influencer

Years Active 2013–present

Jake Paul’s Dating History

Saxon Sharbino (2014)

In 2014, Jake Paul was romantically involved with American actress Saxon Sharbino. Their relationship was relatively low-profile, although they collaborated on a video titled “A Conversation with My Ex-Girlfriend” in 2017.

Kellie Stewart (2014)

Rumors circulated about Jake Paul dating model Kellie Stewart in 2014, although the relationship was never officially confirmed. The details of their split remain undisclosed.

Amanda Cerny (2014)

During the same year, Jake Paul’s relationship with Amanda Cerny sparked speculation. However, ambiguity surrounded their status, partly due to Cerny’s prior relationship with Jake’s brother, Logan Paul.

Alissa Violet

Jake Paul’s relationship with Alissa Violet was marked by drama and controversy. Despite portraying a perfect couple on camera, their behind-the-scenes reality was turbulent, with accusations of cheating and mistreatment leading to a messy breakup.

Tessa Brooks (2017)

Following his split from Alissa Violet, Jake Paul was seen showing affection towards fellow Team 10 member Tessa Brooks in 2017. This relationship surprised many, given Brooks’ close ties with Violet.

Teala Dunn (2017)

In the same year, Jake Paul shared an on-screen kiss with actress Teala Dunn, leading to speculation about their relationship status, which remained unclear.

Erika Costell (2017-2018)

Initially staged for online content, Jake Paul’s relationship with Erika Costell evolved into genuine feelings. Despite a faux wedding and honeymoon for their vlogs, they eventually parted ways in 2018.

Tana Mongeau (2019-2020)

Jake Paul’s highly publicized relationship with YouTuber Tana Mongeau began with rumors in 2019 and culminated in a lavish wedding. However, their relationship faced scrutiny and speculation, leading to a break in early 2020.

Julia Rose (2020)

In early 2020, Jake Paul’s relationship with Julia Rose gained attention but ended shortly thereafter, marked by public statements from both parties.

Jake Paul Films



2016 Dance Camp
2016 Mono
2019 Airplane Mode
2020 Mainstream
2022 A Genie’s Tail
2023 Untold: Jake Paul the Problem Child

Current Relationship: Jutta Leerdam

Jake Paul’s current girlfriend, Jutta Leerdam, is a Dutch speed skater known for her remarkable athletic achievements. Their relationship appears less embroiled in online drama, focusing more on their personal connection.

Addressing Allegations of Cheating

While rumors of cheating have circulated in Jake Paul’s past relationships, particularly with Alissa Violet and Julia Rose, there’s no concrete evidence to substantiate these claims. It’s crucial to approach such allegations with caution, considering the complexities of relationships in the public eye.

Who is Jake Paul?

Jake Paul, born on January 17, 1997, in Cleveland, Ohio, is a prominent figure in digital culture. Rising to fame on Vine in 2013, he transitioned to YouTube, where he continued to build his audience. He’s also known for his ventures in professional boxing and mainstream media.

Jake Paul’s Career

Jake Paul’s career is characterized by success, controversy, and diversification. From his early days on Vine to his current endeavors in boxing and entrepreneurship, he has left a significant mark on digital culture.


1. Who is Jake Paul dating?

Jake Paul is currently dating Jutta Leerdam, a Dutch speed skater.

2. Has Jake Paul’s girlfriend ever cheated on him?

There haven’t been clear instances of Jake Paul’s girlfriends cheating on him, but allegations have arisen in past relationships, particularly with Alissa Violet and Julia Rose.

3. What is Jake Paul’s career outside of relationships?

Jake Paul is a boxer, YouTuber, actor, and social media influencer, known for his diverse endeavors in entertainment and sports.

4. What are some films Jake Paul has appeared in?

Some films Jake Paul has appeared in include “Dance Camp,” “Mono,” “Airplane Mode,” “Mainstream,” and “A Genie’s Tail.”

5. What is Jake Paul’s recent documentary about?

“Untold: Jake Paul the Problem Child” is a documentary released in 2023, providing insights into Jake Paul’s life and career, including his journey in boxing and controversies.


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