Who was Todd Chance? What Happened to Todd Chance?

Who was Todd Chance
Who was Todd Chance


Todd Chance, a beloved resident of Bakersfield, California, met a tragic end that shook the community to its core. Known for his roles as a devoted father, husband, and hardworking truck driver, Todd’s life was abruptly cut short in 2013, leading to an investigation that unveiled unsettling truths.

Name Todd Chance
Date of Birth March 10, 1968
Date of Death August 25, 2013
Place of Death Almond grove near Bakersfield, California
Age at Death 45 years old
Occupation Truck driver, former security guard
Spouse Leslie Chance
Children Jessica, Sarah, Samantha (daughters)

Who Was Todd Chance?

Todd Chance was a cherished member of the Bakersfield community, born on March 10, 1968. His life revolved around his family, particularly his daughters Jessica, Sarah, and Samantha. As a dedicated father and husband, Todd’s priority was always the well-being and happiness of his loved ones. His career path transitioned from a security guard to a truck driver, reflecting his hardworking nature. Beyond work, Todd had a passion for motorcycles, cars, and trucks, embodying the quintessential American spirit.

Todd Chance’s Family Life

Married to Leslie Chance, a principal at a local elementary school, Todd shared 17 years of companionship with her. Their marriage was built on love and mutual respect, with Todd being described as a supportive partner and Leslie as a devoted wife. Together, they created a nurturing environment for their children, fostering a close-knit family dynamic filled with love and laughter.

The Tragic Events

The tranquility of Todd Chance’s life was shattered on August 25, 2013, when his lifeless body was discovered near an almond orchard in Bakersfield. Shockingly, Todd had been shot twice, with his car missing from the scene. The investigation into his murder unearthed disturbing revelations about his personal life, leading to the unveiling of his killer.

Leslie Chance: The Perpetrator

Behind Todd’s murder loomed the figure of his wife, Leslie Chance. Motivated by jealousy and financial concerns stemming from Todd’s interactions with his ex-fiancée, Carrie Williams, Leslie orchestrated his demise. The discovery of flirtatious messages between Todd and Carrie provided a chilling motive for the crime.

Legal Proceedings

In 2020, justice prevailed with Leslie Chance being convicted of first-degree murder. Supported by compelling evidence such as DNA found in Todd’s car and incriminating surveillance footage, the prosecution secured her conviction. Despite Leslie’s attempts to conceal her involvement by tampering with evidence, the truth prevailed in the court of law.

Community Reaction

The news of Todd Chance’s murder sent shockwaves through the Bakersfield community, leaving many grappling with disbelief and grief. However, the resolution brought by Leslie Chance’s conviction provided a sense of closure to Todd’s family and friends, allowing them to begin healing from the tragedy.

Media Coverage

The tragic fate of Todd Chance captured the attention of media outlets, with his story being featured prominently, including in an episode of ‘Dateline: Unforgettable’. Through extensive coverage, the events leading to Todd’s death and the subsequent legal proceedings were brought to light, raising awareness about the prevalence of domestic violence.

Impact and Remembrance

Although Todd Chance’s life was tragically cut short, his legacy of love and devotion endure in the hearts of those who knew him. His untimely demise serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of cherishing loved ones and advocating for justice in the face of adversity.


In conclusion, Todd Chance’s life was marked by love, dedication, and ultimately, tragedy. His memory lives on as a testament to the enduring power of familial bonds and the pursuit of justice. While his loss is deeply felt, Todd’s legacy serves as a beacon of hope and resilience for those navigating similar hardships.


  1. Who was Todd Chance?
    Todd Chance was a resident of Bakersfield, California, known for his roles as a loving father, husband, and truck driver. His life ended tragically in 2013 when he was murdered.
  2. What happened to Todd Chance?
    Todd Chance was found shot to death in an almond grove near Bakersfield on August 25, 2013. His wife, Leslie Chance, was later convicted of his murder.
  3. How was Leslie Chance sentenced?
    Leslie Chance was convicted of first-degree murder in 2020 and sentenced to 25 years to life in prison. An additional 25 years to life was added for a firearms enhancement.
  4. How old was Todd Chance when he died?
    Todd Chance was born on March 10, 1968, and was 45 years old at the time of his death in 2013.
  5. At what age did Todd Chance marry Leslie Chance?
    Todd Chance married Leslie Chance in 1996 when he was 28 years old.

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