Who Won the 2024 AT&T Slam Dunk Contest? What Position Does Mac McClung Play?

Who Won the 2024 AT&T Slam Dunk Contest
Who Won the 2024 AT&T Slam Dunk Contest

Introduction to the AT&T Slam Dunk Contest:

The AT&T Slam Dunk Contest is an electrifying event held annually during the NBA’s All-Star Weekend. It’s a showcase of athleticism, creativity, and pure excitement as basketball players compete to perform the most jaw-dropping dunks.

Full Name Matthew “Mac” McClung
Date of Birth January 6, 1999
Age 25 years
Place of Birth Gate City, Virginia, USA
Position Point Guard / Shooting Guard
League NBA G League

Overview of the 2024 AT&T Slam Dunk Contest:

The 2024 AT&T Slam Dunk Contest was no exception, captivating fans with its thrilling displays of skill and agility. Held amidst the glitz and glamour of the All-Star Weekend, the contest featured some of the league’s most talented dunkers vying for the coveted title.

Winner Announcement: Mac McClung:

In a competition filled with awe-inspiring moments, it was Mac McClung who stole the show. Representing the Osceola Magic from the G-League, McClung defended his title with a series of remarkable dunks that left spectators in awe.

Mac McClung: The Dunking Phenomenon:

Mac McClung’s name has become synonymous with high-flying acrobatics and gravity-defying feats. His exceptional athleticism and creativity have made him a fan favorite and a force to be reckoned with in the world of basketball.

Mac McClung’s Early Life and Journey:

Born on January 6, 1999, in Gate City, Virginia, McClung’s journey to basketball stardom began at a young age. Despite initially gravitating towards football, his passion for basketball eventually led him to pursue the sport wholeheartedly.

Mac McClung’s Rise to Prominence:

McClung’s rise to prominence accelerated during his high school years at Gate City High School. Known for his acrobatic dunks and scoring prowess, he quickly garnered attention from scouts and fans alike, solidifying his status as a rising star in the basketball world.

Mac McClung’s Career Highlights:

Following a successful high school career, McClung continued to shine on the collegiate stage, playing for Georgetown Hoyas and later transferring to Texas Tech Red Raiders. Although he went undrafted in the NBA, McClung’s talent couldn’t be denied, leading to a fruitful career in the G-League and eventual success in the Slam Dunk Contest.

Prize Money in the 2024 AT&T Slam Dunk Contest:

While the exact prize money awarded to Mac McClung for his victory in the 2024 AT&T Slam Dunk Contest remains undisclosed, it’s customary for winners to receive substantial monetary rewards as a testament to their skill and performance.

Slam Dunk Contest Champions

Year Player
1976 Julius Erving
1977 Darnell Hillman
1984 Larry Nance
1985 Dominique Wilkins
1986 Spud Webb
1987 Michael Jordan (2)
1988                               –
1989 Kenny Walker
1990 Dominique Wilkins (2)
1991 Dee Brown
1992 Cedric Ceballos
1993 Harold Miner
1994 Isaiah Rider
1995 Harold Miner (2)
1996 Brent Barry
1997 Kobe Bryant
1998 WNBA–NBA 2Ball Competition replaced the Slam Dunk Contest
1999 Lockout-shortened season, no NBA All-Star Game
2000 Vince Carter
2001 Desmond Mason
2002 Jason Richardson (2)
2003                                    –
2004 Fred Jones
2005 Josh Smith
2006 Nate Robinson
2007 Gerald Green
2008 Dwight Howard
2009 Nate Robinson (3)
2010                                  –
2011 Blake Griffin
2012 Jeremy Evans
2013 Terrence Ross
2014 John Wall
2015 Zach LaVine (2)
2016                                  –
2017 Glenn Robinson III
2018 Donovan Mitchell
2019 Hamidou Diallo
2020 Derrick Jones Jr.
2021 Anfernee Simons
2022 Obi Toppin
2023 Mac McClung (2)
2024 Osceola Magic

FAQs about the 2024 AT&T Slam Dunk Contest:

  1. Who won the 2024 AT&T Slam Dunk Contest?
    • Mac McClung emerged victorious in the 2024 AT&T Slam Dunk Contest, showcasing his incredible athleticism and creativity.
  2. What were Mac McClung’s standout dunks?
    • McClung wowed the crowd with a breathtaking dunk over Shaquille O’Neal, showcasing his ability to defy gravity and leave a lasting impression on fans.
  3. What is Mac McClung’s basketball background?
    • Mac McClung is an American professional basketball player known for his exceptional athleticism and dunking ability. He rose to prominence during his high school years and continued to make waves in college and the NBA G-League.
  4. What position does Mac McClung play?
    • McClung primarily plays as a point guard or shooting guard, utilizing his athleticism and scoring ability to make an impact on the court.
  5. How did Mac McClung’s basketball journey begin?
    • McClung’s basketball journey began in seventh grade when he discovered his passion for the sport. From there, he dedicated himself to becoming the best player he could be, eventually achieving success at both the collegiate and professional levels.


In conclusion, the 2024 AT&T Slam Dunk Contest was a testament to the extraordinary talent and athleticism of its participants, with Mac McClung emerging as the undisputed champion. His victory not only solidified his status as one of the league’s premier dunkers but also provided fans with unforgettable moments that will be cherished for years to come.

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