Why is Criminal Minds Not on Netflix? Seven Weeks After Surprising Removal!

Why is Criminal Minds Not on Netflix

Why is Criminal Minds Not on Netflix? Find out why “Criminal Minds” is no longer on Netflix and where you can watch this beloved crime drama. Learn about the number of seasons available on Netflix, the current streaming platforms hosting the show, the talented cast behind the FBI’s Behavioural Analysis Unit, and where to continue following the thrilling investigations and psychological profiling of dangerous criminals.

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Criminal Minds 

“Criminal Minds” holds a special place in the hearts of viewers as a beloved procedural drama that captivated audiences from its debut in 2005 until its conclusion in 2020. Across 15 gripping seasons and 324 episodes, the show mesmerized viewers with its intense storytelling and complex characters. Following the dedicated team of criminal profilers within the FBI’s Behavioural Analysis Unit (BAU), the series delved into the minds of dangerous criminals, unraveled intricate behavioral patterns, and brought justice to those affected by heinous crimes.

The show’s global popularity stems from its ability to immerse audiences in the thrilling world of BAU, combining elements of psychological suspense, gripping investigations, and the personal stories of the team members. As viewers followed each case, they became deeply invested in the lives of the characters, fostering a strong and devoted fan base around the world.

Why is Criminal Minds Not on Netflix?

“Criminal Minds” bid farewell to Netflix as a result of its licensing agreement coming to an end, a situation frequently encountered with various TV shows and films on streaming platforms. The distribution rights for the series are shared between CBS Television Distribution within the United States and Disney outside of the US. Consequently, starting from January 2022, Netflix US retained access to seasons 1 to 12 of the show.

While Disney+ became the exclusive streaming platform for “Criminal Minds” internationally, providing a comprehensive collection of all 15 seasons, along with its spin-offs. This division of rights, although common in the entertainment industry, led to the show finding its new home on different platforms, catering to viewers in various regions and contributing to the broader reach of the beloved crime drama.

Where to Watch Criminal Minds?

To continue immersing yourself in the thrilling world of “Criminal Minds,” viewers have multiple options to choose from. The comprehensive streaming service Paramount+ serves as the primary destination, granting access to all 15 seasons of the beloved crime drama. Paramount+ offers flexible subscription plans, including an ad-free tier with the added benefit of a live CBS stream.

Additionally, for viewers in the United States, selected seasons of the show can be found on Hulu, while Disney+ caters to international audiences. For those who prefer to own the episodes, platforms such as Prime Video, YouTube TV, and Apple TV allow the purchase of individual episodes or entire seasons. With an array of choices available, fans can delve into the captivating world of the FBI’s Behavioural Analysis Unit and their relentless pursuit of justice against dangerous criminals.

Is Criminal Minds on Netflix?

As of January 2022, fans of “Criminal Minds” will no longer find the beloved crime drama available on Netflix in the United States. The show’s departure from the platform can be attributed to the expiration of its licensing agreement with Netflix. Consequently, the distribution rights for “Criminal Minds” have been divided between CBS Television Distribution within the United States and Disney outside of the US.

This division led to the show finding new homes on other streaming services such as Paramount+ and Disney+. While Netflix US previously had access to seasons 1 to 12 of the series, viewers can now explore the thrilling world of the FBI’s Behavioural Analysis Unit through alternative streaming options, reaffirming the show’s enduring popularity among audiences worldwide.

How Many Seasons of Criminal Minds Were on Netflix?

Prior to its departure from Netflix, the popular crime drama “Criminal Minds” had a substantial presence on the streaming platform in the United States. Netflix offered viewers access to the first twelve seasons of the show, allowing fans to immerse themselves in the captivating investigations and character-driven narratives.

However, as the show progressed to seasons 13, 14, and 15, these later installments were not made available on Netflix. Despite this limitation, fans need not fret, as they can now find the entire collection of “Criminal Minds,” encompassing all fifteen seasons, on Paramount+. This shift to Paramount+ allows enthusiasts to continue following the intense pursuits and psychological unravelings of the FBI’s Behavioural Analysis Unit, ensuring that the legacy of “Criminal Minds” lives on in the digital streaming landscape.

Criminal Minds Cast



Thomas Gibson Aaron Hotchner
Matthew Gray Gubler Dr. Spencer Reid
Kirsten Vangsness Penelope Garcia
A.J. Cook Jennifer “JJ” Jareau
Joe Mantegna David Rossi
Paget Brewster Emily Prentiss
Shemar Moore Derek Morgan
Jeanne Tripplehorn Alex Blake
Jennifer Love Hewitt Kate Callahan
Aisha Tyler Dr. Tara Lewis
Adam Rodriguez Luke Alvez
Daniel Henney Matt Simmons
Damon Gupton Stephen Walker
Lola Glaudini Elle Greenaway
Mandy Patinkin Jason Gideon
Rachel Nichols Ashley Seaver

Why is Criminal Minds Not on Netflix? – FAQ

1. Where can I watch Criminal Minds after it left Netflix?

Criminal Minds is available for streaming on Paramount+, Hulu (seasons 13-15), and Disney+ (internationally).

2. Why did Criminal Minds leave Netflix?

The show left Netflix because its licensing agreement with the streaming platform came to an end.

3. How many episodes does Criminal Minds have?

Criminal Minds consists of 15 seasons with a total of 324 episodes.

4. Can I watch Criminal Minds on Amazon Prime Video?

Yes, you can purchase episodes of Criminal Minds on platforms like Amazon Prime Video, YouTube TV, and Apple TV.

5. Is there a Criminal Minds reboot in the works?

Yes, a Criminal Minds reboot is currently in development at Paramount+, featuring some of the original cast members.

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