Why Markiplier is Not in The FNAF Movie and His Reign in the FNAF Universe!

Why is Markiplier Not in The FNAF Movie

If you’ve been following the Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNAF) movie buzz, you might be wondering why Markiplier, a prominent figure in the FNAF community, won’t be appearing in the film. In this article, we’ll delve into the reasons behind his absence, as well as Markiplier’s significant influence on the FNAF world.

Why is Markiplier Not in The FNAF Movie?

Markiplier, a well-known YouTuber and FNAF enthusiast, initially created a wave of excitement among fans when he hinted at his involvement in the upcoming FNAF movie. However, a significant roadblock emerged in the form of a scheduling conflict.

The filming schedules for the FNAF movie and Markiplier’s own project, “Iron Lung,” happened to overlap, leaving him with no option but to step back from the movie. Despite his enthusiasm to participate, Markiplier chose to prioritize his commitment to “Iron Lung” and ensure that neither project’s quality was compromised.

While Markiplier didn’t disclose the specific role he would have played in the FNAF movie, he continues to support the film and holds hope for potential future opportunities, especially if a sequel is on the horizon.

Who is Markiplier?

Markiplier, whose real name is Mark Edward Fischbach, is an American YouTuber and film director. He’s renowned for his Let’s Play videos, where he plays video games while providing witty commentary. Beyond gaming, his channel also features sketch comedy and various other content.

With over 35 million subscribers, Markiplier has solidified his status as one of the most popular YouTubers globally. His videos are celebrated for their humor, energy, and his direct engagement with his fans. Notably, Markiplier received the YouTube Creator of the Year award in 2015.

Markiplier’s Generosity and Philanthropy

Markiplier’s impact extends beyond YouTube. He’s a philanthropist who has raised millions of dollars for various charities through his videos and live streams. He co-founded Cloak, a clothing company that donates a portion of its profits to charitable causes. His generosity and desire to make a positive impact set him apart as both an entertainer and a role model.

Is Markiplier Gonna Be in The FNAF Movie?

Fans have been speculating about Markiplier’s involvement in the FNAF movie, considering his significant role in boosting the series’ early popularity. Unfortunately, Markiplier confirmed during a recent YouTube livestream that he won’t be part of the movie’s initial release due to scheduling conflicts.

However, there’s hope for fans of Markiplier and FNAF. If the first FNAF movie performs well and a sequel becomes a reality, director Emma Tammi has hinted at the possibility of inviting Markiplier back for a sequel. So, while he won’t be in the first film, the door for his involvement isn’t entirely closed.

Why is Markiplier The King of FNAF?

Markiplier has earned the title “the King of FNAF” for a significant reason. It’s not merely because of his extensive YouTube following but also due to his substantial influence on the FNAF gaming series.

He was among the first prominent content creators to passionately promote FNAF during its early stages. Markiplier’s YouTube channel showcased gameplay, theories, and reactions to the FNAF series, attracting countless fans and sparking the interest of many others. Despite his absence in the movie, his role in the FNAF community remains undeniable, and his influence as “the King of FNAF” endures.


Markiplier’s absence from the FNAF movie is a result of scheduling conflicts with his own project, “Iron Lung.” However, his significance in the FNAF community as “the King of FNAF” remains intact. Fans can look forward to the potential of his involvement in a sequel if the first FNAF movie proves successful. Markiplier’s charisma and commitment to both entertainment and philanthropy continue to make him a beloved figure on and off the screen.


1. Why is Markiplier not in the FNAF movie?

Markiplier had to decline a role due to scheduling conflicts with his own movie, “Iron Lung.”

2. What was the role Markiplier was supposed to play in the FNAF movie?

Markiplier hasn’t revealed the specific role, as it hasn’t been officially announced.

3. Is there any possibility of Markiplier appearing in a sequel to the FNAF movie?

Yes, if the first movie performs well and a sequel is made, there’s a chance Markiplier might be included.

4. What kind of horror movie is Markiplier working on, aside from the FNAF movie?

Markiplier is involved in the horror movie “Iron Lung,” which is an adaptation of the video game of the same name.

5. What was the FNAF movie’s budget, and who’s directing it?

The FNAF movie had a budget of $25 million and is directed by Emma Tammi.

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