Will There Be a Dragons: The Nine Realms Season 9? Dragons: Plot, Cast, and Everything You Need to Know!

Will There Be a Dragons

If you’re a fan of the Dragons universe, you’ve probably been eagerly waiting for news about the fate of “Dragons: The Nine Realms.” This animated TV series, set in a world 1,300 years after the events of “How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World” (2019), has captured the hearts of viewers with its humor, adventure, and fantasy elements. In this article, we’ll explore the uncertainty surrounding the possibility of a Season 9, delve into the plot of Dragons: The Nine Realms, and discover where you can watch this captivating series.

Will There Be a Dragons: The Nine Realms Season 9?

As of now, it’s uncertain if there will be a Season 9 for “Dragons: The Nine Realms.” No official announcement has been made regarding its renewal or cancellation. The creators have kept details under wraps, providing no hints or official statements about the show’s future.

The series is set in a modern world, 1,300 years after “How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World” (2019). It follows a group of misfit kids uncovering secrets about dragons in a fissure caused by a comet. While Season 9’s likelihood appears low, fans await official updates on the fate of this beloved animated series.

Dragons: The Nine Realms

DreamWorks Dragons: The Nine Realms is an animated TV series in the How to Train Your Dragon universe. Developed by Henry Gilroy, it falls under the genres of comedy, adventure, and science fantasy. The show, produced by DreamWorks Animation Television, first aired on Peacock and Hulu on December 23, 2021, and concluded its eighth and final season on December 14, 2023.

The storyline is based on the popular How to Train Your Dragon franchise and features the voices of actors like Jeremy Shada, Ashley Liao, and Marcus Scribner. The series explores the fantastical Nine Realms and follows the adventures of its characters. The theme music is composed by Patrick Cannell, with John Powell contributing to the themes. With 52 episodes across eight seasons, the show has been a delightful journey for fans of the Dragons universe, combining humor, excitement, and fantasy elements.

Dragons: The Nine Realms Plot

“Dragons: The Nine Realms” unfolds in the contemporary world, 1,300 years after the occurrences in “How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World” (2019). The story centers on a band of unconventional kids, brought to a massive fissure formed by a comet under the guidance of their parents. In this setting, they stumble upon a revelation about dragons and the secret places they’ve chosen to conceal themselves.

The series captures their journey of uncovering the hidden truths and mysteries surrounding the dragons. As these misfit kids delve into the unknown, the plot explores their adventures, discoveries, and the extraordinary world of the Nine Realms. The narrative unfolds against the backdrop of a changed world, offering a fresh perspective on the beloved “How to Train Your Dragon” universe, with new characters and exciting revelations.

Dragons: The Nine Realms Cast



Jeremy Shada Tom Kullersen
Ashley Liao Jun Wong
Marcus Scribner D’Angelo Baker
Aimee Garcia Alex Gonzalez
Vincent Tong Eugene Wong
Julia Stiles Olivia Kullersen (Tom’s mother)
Haley Joel Osment Leonard “Buzzsaw” Burne
Carrie Keranen Wilma Sledkin
Keston John Philip Baker (D’Angelo’s father)
Lauren Tom May Wong (Jun and Eugene’s mother)
Pavar Snipe Angela Baker (D’Angelo’s mother)
Angelique Cabral Hazel Gonzalez (Alex’s mother)
Justina Machado Carla Gonzalez (Alex’s mother)
D’Arcy Carden Linda
Al Rodrigo Ford
Christian Lanz Winston
Mark Mercado Dood
Kimberly Brooks Wendy (Alex’s AI assistant)

Dragons: The Nine Realms Episodes



Originally Released

1 6 December 23, 2021
2 7 May 5, 2022
3 7 August 18, 2022
4 6 November 17, 2022
5 6 March 2, 2023
6 7 June 15, 2023
7 7 September 14, 2023
8 6 December 14, 2023

Where to Watch Dragons: The Nine Realms?

Viewers can experience the thrills of “Dragons: The Nine Realms” on JioCinema by starting a free trial. This animated TV series, along with a selection of popular TV shows and movies, including new releases, classics, and Hulu Originals, is available for streaming. JioCinema serves as a comprehensive entertainment platform, offering a diverse range of content.

The free trial allows individuals to immerse themselves in the adventures of Tom Kullersen and his dragon Thunder as they explore the enchanting Nine Realms. Those eager for a blend of laughter, adventure, and fantasy can register on JioCinema to embark on a captivating journey in the world of “Dragons: The Nine Realms.”

Will There Be a Dragons: The Nine Realms Season 9 – FAQs

  1. Is Season 9 of “Dragons: The Nine Realms” confirmed?
    As of now, there’s no official confirmation on Season 9; the series remains neither canceled nor renewed.
  2. What is the setting of “Dragons: The Nine Realms”?
    The series is set in the modern world, 1,300 years after “How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World” (2019).
  3. When did the series premiere and conclude?
    “Dragons: The Nine Realms” premiered on December 23, 2021, and concluded its eighth season on December 14, 2023.
  4. Where can I watch “Dragons: The Nine Realms”?
    You can watch it on JioCinema by starting a free trial.
  5. Who are the main characters in the series?
    The main characters include Tom Kullersen, Jun Wong, D’Angelo Baker, Alex Gonzalez, Eugene Wong, and more.

So, while the future of “Dragons: The Nine Realms” Season 9 remains uncertain, fans can still enjoy the adventures of their favorite misfit kids and dragons on JioCinema. Stay tuned for any updates on the fate of this beloved animated series!

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