9 Business Travel Tips for Women!

Here we will go over nine business travel tips for women.

Business travel has become increasingly popular over the last few years because of the impact that covid-19 has had on medical field demands and remote work positions. You may be surprised to learn that women make up two-thirds of travelers in this new increase.

If you are a female business traveler looking for tips on preparing and staying safe while away, keep reading.

Staying Safe

Unfortunately, we live in a world where the simplest human experiences like travel are muddied by the fear of encountering a rotten egg; this is especially true for women. Luckily, there are some safety tips that women can use to keep their anxiety to a minimum.

Use the Buddy System

There is safety in numbers so when you are out and about, have someone tag along if possible. However, if you are traveling alone, it may be difficult to always use the buddy system.

In that case, you can ask store or hotel staff members to walk you to and from your car or sit with you while waiting for ridesharing services.

Stay In Contact

When traveling alone, there isn’t anyone to notice whether or not you made it back to your hotel safely each day.

Therefore, you should stay in contact with your loved ones and always let at least one person know when you are heading out alone.

If you keep others updated with info on when you are going out and then call or text when you get back safely, it would not take long for someone to notice if you couldn’t contact them.

Choose a Safe Hotel

When booking your accommodations, look for a hotel in a safe area with excellent reviews and friendly staff.

If your job requires long trips like a traveling nurse, look for extended-stay hotels. When you stay at the same hotel for weeks, the staff will become familiar with you and your schedule. So, if something were to happen to you, staff would quickly recognize the break in routine and investigate.

Don’t Overshare

While traveling, there may be many times when you meet friendly and talkative people that could just chat all day. These conversations might brighten your day and offer a break from any loneliness you might feel while away.

However, be careful not to overshare when chatting. Not everyone has good intentions and could potentially use your details against you later. Information about your identity, where you are lodging, your hometown, and the fact that you are traveling alone should be withheld.

Come Prepared

If a situation were ever to arise where you were placed face to face with a dangerous person, it would help if you were prepared.

You can prepare by carrying self-defense tools, like pepper spray, a knife, a taser, or a baton.

If you travel alone frequently, consider obtaining a firearm and a concealed carry permit or taking self-defense classes.

Be Cautious

To stay safe, always be cautious while in a foreign area.

Don’t carry a large amount of cash, go out alone at night, use large purses (they are easy to pickpocket), and always password protect your devices.

Additionally, pay extra attention to who you are around while out and never blindly trust a stranger.

Preparing For Your Trip

Safety is only part of the struggle women face while traveling; there are other things to prepare for as well.

Plan Your Outfits Accordingly

When we travel, it seems that we either don’t pack enough or too much. To avoid these issues, plan your outfits accordingly.

Contemplate what type of activities you will participate in each day of your trip. For example, if you have two business meetings and two leisure days, you can expect to need two business professional and two casual outfits. What to pack is pretty much common sense; however, it is worth mentioning to bring an extra outfit and shoes just in case they get ruined.

Pack Travel Sized Items

Sometimes, travel-sized items seem a bit pointless; you pay half the price for an eight of the product. So, many people choose to bring full-sized items on trips instead.

However, travel-sized items can actually come in handy while away on business because they are small enough to bring in your purse. It makes sense to stick to your regular shampoo and conditioner because you won’t need those in a meeting.

The travel-sized items to consider are deodorant, hair brush, hair spray, toothbrush, and toothpaste. With these in your purse, you can quickly resolve issues like coffee breath, hair mishaps, and anxiety sweats which you obviously wouldn’t want to have in a meeting.

Clue In Your Family

One of the essential parts of preparing for a business trip is cluing your family in on the final details before you leave.

Give your loved ones an itinerary with updated contact information, a way to track you, and give them your house keys so they can take care of your house.

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