A Beginner’s Guide to Watching Soccer!

A Beginner's Guide to Watching Soccer

Not everyone falls in love with a sport from childhood, in some cases, the passion comes progressively, by under specific episodes that can provoke new emotions or knowledge that introduces you to this world, which you gradually come to like. In this case, however, there is a gap to make up for those who have always been passionate about the sport since childhood. Let’s see what are the main points to follow to become a real soccer fan:

Choose a team

Everyone has their way to follow soccer, either with passion or with more caution and less emotional involvement, but what is certain is that everyone needs a team to support or simply sympathize with, and in case ideas are not clear you could opt for the team of your city or the one that fascinates you the most for whatever reason.

 Watch a lot of soccer

The best matches are usually in Latin Europe or America, so watch the games on these continents but remember that there are plenty of interesting soccer matches all over the world, with completely different styles of play. Try watching Scottish or English games, for example, where the physical side is more pronounced. It is certainly important to slowly get to know the major soccer leagues. Matches can be watched on TV, on the internet, or directly in the stadium, for a complete and more involving experience from all points of view. Another great experience is watching the game in the bar with other fans and friends, listening to the screams of joy and despair of the fans.

Prioritize the most important soccer events, such as the Champions League

Follow the major leagues, and their rankings, and watch their highlights whenever you can. The Premier League and La Liga are currently the most competitive and exciting leagues in the world.

Learn anecdotes and geography

You may be able to hone your knowledge of geography to make a better impact, you may be able to find out, for example, that the names of the soccer clubs Fenerbahçe and Besiktas refer to neighborhoods of the same name in Istanbul, Turkey.

Learn the rules of the game – offside, corners, penalty kicks, scoring, etc.

Knowing the rules will help you feel more involved in the game and avoid having to ask sometimes awkward questions of someone who knows more than you, who may be annoyed by constant questions about the rules of the game, especially if the match is exciting and engaging.

Study the history

Each team often represents more than just eleven players on the soccer pitch, and politics are often involved in soccer matters, especially in Europe. Take the example of Real Madrid and Barcelona in Spain: From 1936 to 1975 there was, of course, General Franco, who not only subjugated the Catalan region and banned the Catalan language but also developed a deep suspicion regarding the Barcelona club, which was considered the epitome of anti-Spanish sentiment. During Franco’s reign, Barça’s followers developed a feeling that the referees and league officials were against the club, which continues in part to this day. What was seen as farcical decisions and exaggerated bans and fines against Barca were common. Meanwhile, Real Madrid’s players had to unfairly bear the burden of being political representatives of the regime that favored them. Political and cultural differences caused chaos at matches. Barcelona fans were so incensed by the referee’s performance in one match in 1970 that they threw 25,000 seats onto the pitch. In another, a fascist soldier tried to arrest the Barcelona defender for being a suspected communist. And more recently the head of a pig was thrown on the field at the feet of Real Madrid former player Luis Figo, who had betrayed Barca to sign with Real. Figo politely declined, having already eaten his dinner.

Physically visit a stadium

As well as hosting matches, soccer stadiums are often museums displaying trophies, paintings, and the most representative symbols of the team. To fully enter the world of soccer, it is essential to see this with your own eyes. Exchange ideas and opinions. Talk about soccer with people and listen to the opinions of others, converse with the old man in your town sitting in the bar, listen to conversations between people, always with analytical thinking and a desire to learn more and more.

Fortunately, there are plenty of options that allow you to watch the stream live soccer games online nowadays because of the many streaming sites that now exist. So, if and when you want to, you will have no problems at all having the right tools to fully immerse yourself in this world. It’s never too late to start doing what you like, let alone follow the world’s most popular sport properly.

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