Beautiful Spots in Italy Attract You Again Once You Reach the Country  


If you think to visit Italy, definitely your choice is good as Italy gives you a sure chance to taste the spots. It is important to know that the country is the home of the greatest number of UNESCO World Heritage sites. You will get in touch with high art and monuments around the country. Besides the art, you will have a great experience of beautiful coasts, lakes, and monuments. According to a report, every year, Italy gets new faces of foreign visitors that go more than 40 million. Just come to check why visitors select Italy for their travelling fascination.

  1. Verona Arena – The city of Verona is famous because of the ‘play’ named Romeo and Juliet. The incredible arena is a Roman amphitheater that was constructed more than 2000 years ago. It can give hosting facilities for more than 30000 people at a time. You will have a taste of musical performances with Italian culture and other life.
  2. Herculaneum – Herculaneum is an ancient Roman town and it is located at the base of Mount Vesuvius. Herculaneum is mostly destroyed by a volcanic eruption nearly 2000 years ago. Here you can see the original homes before the eruption, fossilized skeletons, beautiful mosaics, advertisements, and many antics. Just take your time and visit the place.
  3. Elba – Elba is an island and it has a long & mind-blowing story. Previously, this island was inhabited by Greeks, Etruscans, Romans. Once Napoleon was banished to Elba in the year 1814. Here you will have a chance to see Napoleon’s winter and summer houses and they are regarded as the public place for tourists. It is regarded as Italy’s third-largest island and you can visit more than 150 beaches.
  4. Gran Paradiso National Park – Graian Alps is called Gran Paradiso National Park. It is a gorgeous destination with having stunning mountains. Here you will have an opportunity for hiking. It was created to protect the local ibex population and wildlife. The national park preserves wolves, ermine, lynx, and more than 100 bird species. This part provides tourists seasonal activities like hiking in summer, spotting the foliage in autumn, and skiing in winter. You will have an opportunity for awesome photography.
  5. Palazzo Ducale in Urbino – Palazzo Ducale comes with another name by Ducal Palace. It is a Renaissance building located in the city of Urbino. Palazzo Ducale was built in the year of 15th century. The palace has an enormous housing capacity that goes to 600 residents on average. The palace is also home to the National Gallery of the Marche which carries a good collection of Renaissance paintings.
  6. Trevi Fountain in Rome – Trevi Fountain in Rome has become one of the greatest attractions in the city of Rome. It depicts the god Neptune in underwater surroundings. Trevi Fountain ensures you a return trip to Rome if you throw a coin and if you throw two coins. You will make a loving relationship with a Roman woman or man. It comes to a magical and romantic place at night when the fountain is illuminated.
  7. Santa Maria Delle Grazie in Milan – Santa Maria Delle Grazie in Milan comes with another name, the Holy Mary of Grace. It is a convent and church located in Milan. The structure of the place comes with Renaissance architecture with boating details and a light-fitted entrance. It is famous for its mural, the Last Supper painted by Leonardo da Vinci. The great attraction of the church is the iconic painting.
  8. La Pelosa – La Pelosa is the heart of the Tyrrhenian sea. It is beautified with many stunning beaches which are so spectacular because of its shallow waters, sandy shores, and crystal-clear sea. La Pelosa is compared to the Caribbean. It brings some of the tropics to Italy. Here you can enjoy the days by scuba driving.
  9. Basilica of San Vitale in Ravenna – Basilica of San Vitale in Ravenna is located in Northern Italy and once it was the capital of the Western Roman Empire,. The basilica was constructed in the sixth century and it is a great collection of mosaics. The mosaics tell about the stories of the Bible and they flourish every inch of the surface in certain rooms. The bold design and a cacophony of color make the mosaics of Ravenna an awesome creation for religion.
  10. Dolomites – The Dolomites are a mountain situated in Northern Italy. They are undoubtedly famous spots for winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding. In every season, the Dolomites seem incredible scenery. Here you can stay for some days and enjoy the beauties of Dolomites and others. Even you will have a better feeling by intake of different delicious foods. Stay and enjoy the days.
  11. Basilica di San Francesco – The Basilica di San Francesco is one of the best religious pilgrimage sites in Italy. It is located in Assisi and was constructed in 13th century with the honour of Saint Francis. Here you will have an outstanding experience of Romanesque structure that was built with two levels. You can stay here for a long and enjoy the days with your family.
  12. Sassi di Matera – In the city of Matera, you will see a great collection of an ancient cave known as the Sassi di Matera. The dwellings gave the first human settlement in all of Italy and they might be 9000 years old. The dwellings come to be carved right out of the rock and even many of them are fit for houses, homes, businesses, and cafes today. You will get an incredible experience full of ancient caves and early humans. You can take a sip of local wines having a short walk.
  13. Mount Etna – Mount Etna is one landmark of towers. It is completely a volcano and the highest peak in Italy. Here you can see a national park called Parco dell ‘Ema that is surrounded by Mount Etna. Tourists during their journey for craters and fissures are getting close to the lava or stream by chance. The soil of the volcano can grow grapes that come to fulfil the demand for wine for local people and tourists.
  14. Duomo of Orvieto – Through Duomo of Orvieto, Italian Gothic architecture comes to be revealed. It took three centuries to be completed. Now the visitors become astonished to see the construction made of the facade and horizontal stripes of the marble. Most of the artwork comes from Duomo of Orvieto that depicts apocalyptic stories & tales from Revelation related to Luca and Signorelli.
  15. Capri – Capri becomes an Island and it is three miles from Capri. Undoubtedly, it is a unique destination having its own culture and atmosphere. With a boat, you can come to Blue Grotto, a spectacular cave made in Roman times. Apart from these, you can enjoy hiking here. Without any mistake, you will get in touch with the Baroque Church of San Michele Arcangelo and the Villa jovis.

Take time in your hand and enjoy the days visiting unique spots in Italy.


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