Best 5 things to do in Pago Pago

A lot of enjoyable sightseers amidst scenic views can be well captured in the city of Pago Pago, a small place tucked in American Samoa. Numerous attractions can be explored during your holidays. The city Pago Pago is a small town but is a popular holiday destination in America. 

So guys, give a break to your boring life and pack your bags to stroll in the beautiful lanes of Pago Pago.

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Readout some gorgeous locations in the city:

National Park of American Samoa

The National Park of American Samoa is a beautiful national park in the United States territory of American Samoa tucked across three islands, namely Tutuila, Ofu, and Ta‘ū. You will find various sightseeing, including park preserves and numerous exotic coral reefs, fruit bats, tropical rainforests, and the Samoan culture.  

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Mount Alava 

Mt Alava is a less popular destination among the two signature summits of the Alava Bate Sanctuary. However, mt. Alava has also visited an alpine paradise tucked in British Columbia near west central Vancouver Island. The first explorations of 1979 and 1980 took place after rumors of the existence of the Sanctuary. Visit this fantastic place and capture serene views from the unique beauty of the area.

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Two Dollar Beach

Two-Dollar Beach is a clean beach area soaked in the sun with a white-sand beach free from litter and debris. You will find a fantastic view within a sandbar leading to Lion’s Head and a stunning rocky island. There are plenty of fun-filled activities for kids to climb around. You will love the pretty narrow trails leading to the top of the island. Relish strolling around the trails and capture gorgeous locations while having a gala time at the small beach bar and deck with tables and chairs. 

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National Park of American Samoa Visitor Center

National Park Of American Samoa Visitor Centre is nestled in the Pago Pago near the Pago WayService Station. You will be provided with park rangers that are available all through the day to help you enjoy your trip safely and memorably. The National Park of American Samoa’s Visitor Guide also includes additional trip planning information. Visit this center and enjoy a world of sights, sounds and explore its rich culture and natural resources.

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Lower Sauma Ridge Hike

Lower Sauma Ridge Trail is located near the Tutuila, American Samoa, a 0.4 mile lightly marketed beautiful housing wildflowers. Visit this gorgeous place having many attractions for all skill levels. You will find a pretty trail that allows numerous crowds and is used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and bird watching.

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