Best bookmaker bonuses in Latin America

Of all the benefits of bookmakers, welcome bonuses are an integral part of the world of sports betting. Easy to earn or not, exceptionally generous or average, whether on deposit or in the form of a free bet, bonuses can vary wildly from betting site to betting site. Here we make the point about the basics to know, but also about the classification of the best available registration bonus that exists today in the world of sports betting.

Since Royal Decree 958/2020 of November 3, 2020, on commercial communications of gaming activities, bookmakers do not offer a welcome bonus to their new Spanish players. Compulsory compliance as of May 1, 2021.

What is a welcome bonus?

First of all, you have to know that the welcome bonuses of the bookmakers are valid only once, with exceptions. Designed to attract new players, bonuses have become very important in recent years due to the great competition from bookmakers in Latin America and the world. The principle is simple, each sports betting page offers a particular advantage to its new players, such as free bets or free bets offered or doubling the first deposit of money made. Whether it is the William Hill welcome bonus or the Luckia welcome bonus, each one has been studied to satisfy bettors and retain them. If you are tempted, feel free to sign up for each site, all bonuses are bonuses to take.

What are the different types of bookmaker bonuses?

The bet refunded

The free bet – Freebet

The deposit bonus

If you are new to online betting in Latin America, you have to know that sports betting site bonuses can take different forms. In other words, different advantages can be granted to you during your registration. Many bookmakers have codes to access the bonus and we will show you how to enjoy the promotional codes.

The bet refunded

One of the forms of bonus most used by the bookmakers present in Latin America today is the refunded bet. Its operation is simple, after having deposited money on the sports betting page, you must make a first bet. If it is lost, you will be reimbursed for the amount wagered in full, so that you do not start your adventure in the worst of ways. Often limited around a specific maximum amount, this type of bonus will be very interesting to obtain an attractive benefit upon arrival at the bookmaker.

The free bet – Freebet

The second most common form of bonus is the free bet (also known as a freebet). Here the advantage principle is also simple for the player. During your registration at the bookmaker in question, you will be offered a freebet of a certain amount to play and according to certain conditions

The deposit bonus

Finally, the third major type of sports betting house bonuses are deposit bonuses. Not very complicated either, it usually consists of doubling the first sum of money you deposit on the site to bet. For example, if after your registration you decide to invest €80 in your account, the bookmaker may offer you another €80 to play at their house. A bonus normally appreciated by experienced bettors, but which can also allow a beginner to build a comfortable budget to bet quickly.

To finish on these great types of bets, you have to know that there are other forms of bonuses that are still possible on the market today, such as a sponsorship bonus, if you manage to persuade a friend of yours to also sign up with your same bookmaker, or bonuses no deposit very punctually and on major sporting events. To get the most out of it there is only one rule, register to the set of bookmakers available in your country.

To determine the ranking of the best online gambling site bonuses, we have considered the set of factors that surround them. Beyond the bookmaker in question, or its reliability, we have taken into account three important selection criteria for the better, whether he is a beginner or experienced.

The first thing to know is the amount of the bonus offered by the bookmaker. There is no secret here, we have studied each of the maximum bonuses on the market to establish the ones that are the most generous. Normally identified around a hundred euros, they also reach up to €150 sometimes, although less frequently. One of the important elements of our classification, although it is not the most impressive, is to take into account the similarity of the uprights proposed today.

Finally, the third main criterion of our selection has to do with the conditions for obtaining the bonus. Here, therefore, we highlight the conditions to be met to obtain each advantage, whether they are the amounts, the minimum odds on which to play, the game terms or the number of conditions to pass to unlock the bonus. It is above all with this criterion that you will be able to find the “bet refunded” bonuses less valued than the “free bet” or “freebet” bonuses. The important thing here for us is to put ourselves in the player’s shoes, to determine whether or not it is easy to get the promised advantage during registration.

For all these criteria, we have finally been able to establish our table of the best bookmaker bonus, although each one is really interesting. To conclude, we repeat them, but it is important that you sign up with all the bookmakers, so you can get really easy profits without a big risk. The last piece of advice is that you should never venture to sign up for a site that is outside the specific Gambling Regulation Law in each country, since your gambling adventure will never be guaranteed, and all of your potential winnings It will rarely be withdrawn in its entirety.

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