Fascinating Spots Will fill Your Inner Heart When You Reach Cambodia

People always come to be happy physically and mentally. Though they come to be physically healthy and happy but mental problems make humans unhappy most of the time. To keep the mind of human happy and energetic, people come to take different ways like the listening song or watching movies but travelling also makes you fresh and free from tension and unhappiness. If you do not visit Cambodia, once you reach the particular location its attractive spots will give you heart soothing charming.

Fascinating Spots in Cambodia

  1. Angkor Wat –Angkor Wat is called the city of the temple in Cambodia. The temples are ambitious in the Angkorian period. It was built between AD 802 and 1432 and it was the largest city in the world at the time of the medieval age. The temple of Angkor Wat itself comes to the largest religious building and its one site is made of silver. Here you will have an opportunity to visit the tree-root clasped temple of Tam Prohm, the Bayon Temple, Angkor Thom, and Preah Khan.
  2. Phnom Penh– Phnom Penh is the heartbeat of the nation. It is the capital city of Angkor Wat and here you can see lots of motorbikes in the street and car horns will make you puzzled. For the visitors, it becomes a cosmopolitan city with cafes and restaurants. It is also a historic site. This royal place is an example of traditional artistry and Tuol Sleng Museum and Choeung EK tell the horror and brutality of the people.
  3. Sihanoukvile Beaches– In Kompong Som Province, Sihanoukvlle is story of two halves. It is a bustling but central district and its shoreline area is a vibrant beach resort. It is Cambodia’s top destination where you can spend holidays in sun and sand. The superb beaches here are Sokha and Independence. Ochheuteal Beach and Serendipity Beach are the most popular sandy strips. If you like to have a quiet and cool atmosphere, you can go to Otres Beach.
  4. Ratanakiri – Ratanakiri is the outback of Cambodia and you will know red-dirt roads that lead to an ethnic minority. This province is one of the best places for trekking in Cambodia. You can get full relaxation in the water of yeak Lom Crater Lake that is outside of Ban Lung town. The waterfalls of Chaa Ong and Ka Tieng allow you to get wet.
  5. Prasat Preah Vihear– Undoubtedly, the temples of Angkor Wat have gained glory but Prasat Preah Vihear wins the appreciation from the visitors. Prasat Preah Vihear is a monumental temple carved with pavilions. It is built for the honor of the god Shiva. The temple comes against the border of Thailand. The International Court of Justice ruled this one in favor of it in the year 2013. It has become one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
  6. Battambang– Battambang is surrounded by rice fields and tiny villages. It carries some of the most tranquil rural scenery. The scenario of this location has been the most favorable destination for travellers.
  7. For the history lovers, the temples of Phnom Sampeau, Phnom Banan including Wat Ek Phnom are day-tripping distance though here you can see a single-line rail track by it carriages go with bamboo between Battambang’s east bank and tiny villages. It is called a sleepy city capered with the capital.
  8. Koh Rong Samloem– Koh Rong Samloem is off Cambodia’s south coast that lies and looks beautiful as the counterparts of the west. It is a very developed island of Koh Samui and Phuket. Koh Rong Samloem becomes the most beautiful with long sandy Saracen Bay home with a dozen of a beach huts. You will have plenty of scuba diving activities.
  9. Kampot– Kampot has become the laid-back reverie town and it has oodles of old-world ambiance. Here you can have a joy of ramble with surviving shop-house architecture restored painstakingly. This is a complete excellent base for discovering the sights of the south. In the Bokor Hill Station, it has an abandoned church and eerie even the grand hotel which makes you energetic to reach the limestone caves of Phnom Chhnork and Phnom Sorsia.
  10. Tonle Sap Lake– Tonle Sap Lake is Southeast Asia’s largest freshwater lake. It is the main source of food and tool for irrigation. The lake is also home to nearly 170 floating villagers who depend on only fishing. Here, the houses, churches, shops, schools, and even temples come with rustic foundations made of barrels and bamboo. Here the most interesting sprawling village is Kompong Luong situated near the town of Pursat.
  11. Kratie– If you like to have here full Mekong experience, you have to come here. Kratie is the major destination of travellers because of dolphin watching. Here the endangered Irrawaddy dolphins are very endemic. Here tourism has played a good role in protecting dolphins by an alternative economy of fishing.
  12. Sambor Prei Kuk– It is a pre-Angkorian temple from the early 7th century. More than 100 temples made of brick dedicated to Hindu Gods are within the forest. According to archaeology, the site is extremely important and even it carries the oldest surviving building in Cambodia. The popular temples in the area are Prasat Sambor, Prasat Yeay Peau, and Prasat Tao and all have fascinating carvings.
  13. Banteay Chhmar– This mammoth temple is situated by the surrounding of a jungle in lonely northwest of Cambodia and it provides the perfect chance to discover the highlights. It was constructed in the 12th century during the time of Angkorian King, Jayavarman VII. Here you can see the remarkable marvel reliefs along with its walls that depict Avalokitesvara on the south. In the eastern walls, you will see the dizzying array of battle scenes.
  14. Phnom Kulen – Phnom Kulen offers you a great day trip away from Angkor. It is very popular becomes a national park. It comes with great importance with Khmers for religious holidays. The area provides you the option of two waterfalls for swimming with picnic activities. Here you will have an experience of an archaeological spot named Kbal Spean where the river of thousand Lingas is situated.
  15. Banteay Srei Butterfly Centre – Here you can see more than 30 species of Cambodian butterflies. This particular place has won great recognition as the largest butterfly centre in Southeast Asia. Even the place will help the visitors to learn the whole journey from egg to caterpillar, pupa, and adult butterfly.
  16. Phare, Cambodian Circus – Phare, Cambodian Circus has become the best attraction for visitors. Here you can enjoy jaw-dropping performances, dance, music, acrobatics, and modern circus. Regularly, Phare performances take place at the place of Siem Reap with two or three shows in a week at Battambang according to the season.

Reach Cambodia with your friends and family and enjoy your trip visiting a lot of beautiful spots.

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