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Is Toya Bush-Harris Married

Is Toya Bush-Harris Married? Discover the romantic journey of Toya Bush-Harris, the beloved reality TV personality from ‘Married to Medicine.’

Is Toya Bush-Harris Married?

Toya Bush-Harris is indeed happily married to Dr. Harris, and their blissful union is prominently featured on Bravo T.V.’s “Married to Medicine.”

Harris’s residency, where Toya worked as a pharmaceutical representative. Despite Toya not currently holding a job, the family enjoys a luxurious lifestyle. To complement her roles as a wife and mother, Toya is also a talented writer, crafting engaging children’s novels. Her latest work, “Sleepy Head” and “Please Go to Bed,” showcases her creativity and commitment to both her family and her passion for literature.

In the world of “Married to Medicine” on Bravo, Dr. Harris and Toya Bush-Harris stand out as a loving and dynamic couple. Their journey began during Dr. Harris’s residency, and Toya, who once worked as a pharmaceutical representative, now focuses on family life. Despite not actively working, the family leads an opulent lifestyle.

Toya’s creative side shines through in her writing, particularly in the realm of children’s literature. Her recent novels, “Sleepy Head” and “Please Go to Bed,” demonstrate her dedication to both her family and her craft, adding a unique dimension to the Harris family narrative.

Who is Toya Bush?

Toya Bush-Harris is a notable figure, known for her enduring presence on the reality TV show “Married to Medicine” alongside her husband, Dr. Eugene Harris. As one of the original cast members, they have been featured in all 10 seasons of the popular program. Hailing from Detroit, Toya has carved out a professional niche for herself as a sales representative in the pharmaceutical industry. Her journey on the show not only showcases her personal life with Dr. Harris but also highlights her resilience and commitment to sharing her experiences on television.

Attribute Details
Full Name Toya Bush-Harris
Birth Date April 15, 1976
Place of Birth Michigan, USA
Husband  Dr. Eugene Harris
Children Avery and Ashton
  • Tennessee State University (Undergraduate)
  • University of Phoenix (Graduate Program)
Profession Pharmaceutical Sales Representative, Entrepreneur, Reality TV Personality

Beyond her role in the pharmaceutical sector, Toya Bush-Harris has embraced an entrepreneurial spirit. She has ventured into various business endeavors, demonstrating her versatility and ambition outside the realm of reality television. This dual identity as a sales representative and entrepreneur adds depth to Toya’s public persona, making her a multifaceted personality in the world of entertainment.

Toya Bush Career

Toya Bush-Harris, a seasoned personality on “Married to Medicine,” has not only captivated audiences with her personal life but has also made significant strides in her professional career. Serving as a pharmaceutical sales representative, Toya’s journey in the pharmaceutical industry has been noteworthy, taking off shortly after her introduction to the show. Demonstrating an entrepreneurial mindset, she has showcased her business acumen in previous seasons, adding depth to her character on the show.

In addition to her pharmaceutical career, Toya Bush-Harris is a multifaceted individual. In 2019, she ventured into the world of literature by authoring the children’s book “Sleepyhead Please Go To Bed.” The book’s positive reviews and an impressive 4.5/5 rating on Amazon underscore Toya’s creative talents and her ability to connect with a diverse audience.

Beyond literature, Toya is a wine connoisseur who has extended her influence into the world of winemaking. Collaborating with Kendall-Jackson Winery, she launched her own Toya Harris Wine Collection, showcasing her diverse interests and entrepreneurial spirit. Moreover, Toya’s commitment to philanthropy and community service reflects her generous nature, further contributing to her well-rounded and admired public persona.

Toya Bush Early Life

Toya Bush-Harris, born on April 15, 1976, in Michigan, has maintained a degree of privacy regarding her family background, including details about her parents and siblings. Her early life is somewhat shrouded in mystery, with limited information available about her familial roots.

Toya embarked on her journey in the medical field through her higher education. She initially enrolled at Tennessee State University, where she likely laid the foundation for her future endeavors. Subsequently, she pursued a graduate program at the University of Phoenix, indicating her commitment to advancing her education and professional qualifications. While specific details about her early family life remain undisclosed, Toya’s educational background suggests a dedication to her academic and career pursuits, setting the stage for her later achievements in the medical and entrepreneurial realms.

Toya Bush Husband

Toya Bush’s husband Dr. Eugene Harris stands as a prominent figure in the medical community, renowned for his role as an emergency physician and co-founder of NomanMD. With a successful career, he achieved board certification by passing the American Board of Emergency Medicine exam, showcasing his commitment to excellence. Dr. Harris’s primary areas of expertise lie in reproductive health and cultural competency, reflecting a dedication to addressing diverse healthcare needs.

His journey in the medical field began with a solid educational foundation, graduating as an emergency medicine specialist from Emory University in 2004. Subsequently, Dr. Harris pursued his residency program at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, showcasing a commitment to advancing his skills and knowledge. Beyond his medical pursuits, Dr. Harris gained widespread recognition as the star of Bravo TV’s “Married to Medicine,” providing viewers with a glimpse into his professional and personal life. Additionally, his contributions as an emergency department medical director at South Fulton Medical Center and Piedmont Newnan Hospital in Atlanta underscore his leadership in healthcare administration.

Toya Bush Children

Toya Bush-Harris, in addition to her professional and entrepreneurial endeavors, prioritizes family time and cherishes moments spent with her husband, Dr. Eugene Harris, and their two children, Avery and Ashton. Despite the demands of her career and public life, Toya dedicates a significant amount of her time to nurturing her family bonds.

Her commitment to family life is evident in the quality time she invests in building relationships with her husband and children. While details about her children, Avery and Ashton, are not extensively disclosed in the provided information, it is clear that creating a strong familial foundation is an essential aspect of Toya’s life. This emphasis on family values adds a personal and relatable dimension to her public persona, showcasing a well-rounded individual who excels not only in her professional pursuits but also in fostering meaningful connections within her family.

Toya Bush Net Worth

As of 2023, Toya Bush-Harris boasts a substantial net worth estimated at around $4 million. Her financial standing is notably influenced by her involvement in the reality TV show “Married to Medicine” and various business ventures, showcasing her success both on and off-screen. Toya and her husband, Dr. Eugene Harris, have been known for their extravagant lifestyle, as evidenced by the celebration of their “dream home” on the show.

The couple invested over $2 million in the residence, including renovations and a lavish $100,000 pool. Despite the substantial investment, they eventually sold the mansion for $2.95 million. Undeterred, Toya and Dr. Harris swiftly transitioned to a new project, constructing another home that was underway during the show’s ninth season. This financial journey reflects Toya’s ability to navigate the real estate market and make strategic financial decisions, contributing to her impressive net worth.

Who is Toya Bush Harris Married?

Toya Bush-Harris is married to Dr. Eugene Harris, a renowned emergency physician and co-founder of NomanMD. Dr. Harris, who passed the American Board of Emergency Medicine exam, specializes in reproductive health and cultural competency. Graduating from Emory University in 2004, he completed his emergency medicine residency at Wayne State University.

Who is Eugene Harris?

Eugene Harris is a physician and co-founder of NomanMD. Apart from his medical career, Dr. Harris gained fame as a reality television personality on Bravo’s “Married to Medicine,” showcasing his life and work in Atlanta. Happily married, Toya, who was a pharmaceutical representative when they met during Dr. Harris’s residency, contributes to the family’s luxurious lifestyle while pursuing her passion for writing children’s novels, including the recent works “Sleepy Head” and “Please Go to Bed.”

Is Toya Bush-Harris Married – FAQs

  1. Is Toya Bush Harris married? Yes, Toya Bush-Harris is happily married. She is the wife of Dr. Eugene Harris, a well-known emergency physician and co-founder of NomanMD. They share their lives on the Bravo TV reality show “Married to Medicine.”
  2. Who is Toya Bush Harris married to? Toya Bush-Harris is married to Dr. Eugene Harris. He is an emergency medicine specialist, a co-founder of NomanMD, and a prominent figure in the medical field. The couple has been featured on “Married to Medicine” since its inception.
  3. Who is Eugene Harris? Dr. Eugene Harris is a renowned emergency physician and co-founder of NomanMD. He is prominently featured on the Bravo TV reality show “Married to Medicine,” providing insights into his medical career and personal life alongside his wife, Toya Bush-Harris.
  4. How long have Toya Bush Harris and Eugene Harris been married? The specific duration of Toya Bush-Harris and Eugene Harris’s marriage is not provided, but they have been one of the longest-standing couples on “Married to Medicine,” featuring in all 10 seasons of the show.
  5. Are Toya Bush Harris and Eugene Harris still married?
    As of the latest available information, Toya Bush-Harris and Eugene Harris are still married. They continue to be featured as a couple on “Married to Medicine,” showcasing their life, careers, and family on the reality television series.

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