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Who is Connor Bedard Sister

When we hear about the remarkable success story of a young hockey prodigy like Connor Bedard, it’s easy to focus solely on his on-ice achievements. However, behind every great athlete, there is often an unsung hero. In this case, that unsung hero is none other than Connor Bedard’s sister, Madisen Bedard. In this article, we’ll delve into the life of Madisen Bedard and explore the pivotal role she played in shaping Connor’s athletic pursuits.

Madisen Bedard – A Gymnastics Prodigy

Madisen Bedard, hailing from North Vancouver, is not just your average sister. From an early age, Madisen showcased her exceptional talents as a gymnast. The siblings engaged in friendly competitions during their childhood, with Madisen dazzling everyone with her gymnastic prowess. While Connor was drawn to the world of ice hockey, Madisen initially had her reservations about the sport.


Connor Bedard

Born July 17, 2005
Age 18 Years
Birthplace North Vancouver, BC, Canada
Height 5 ft 10 in
Weight 185 lb
Position Centre
Shoots Right
NHL Team Chicago Blackhawks

Madisen Joins Connor on the Ice

It was a pivotal moment in Connor’s journey when Madisen decided to overcome her initial reluctance and join him on the ice. This marked a turning point in his growing passion for hockey. Madisen’s decision to take up ice hockey was driven by her deep bond with her brother and a shared love for sports.

A Supportive Role During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic brought unique challenges to Connor Bedard’s hockey career. It was during this uncertain time that Madisen stepped up to the plate. As a third-year kinesiology student at Simon Fraser University, Madisen altered her plans to support Connor. She joined him in Sweden and took on responsibilities that ensured his training and schedule remained on track.

Providing Comfort Amid Uncertainties

Madisen’s presence not only benefited Connor but also provided comfort to their mother, Melanie Bedard, amid pandemic uncertainties. Witnessing Connor’s work ethic and determination, Madisen played a crucial role in his journey. Her unwavering support left a lasting impression, as she acknowledged his focus and ability to handle immense pressure.

Madisen Bedard – The Unsung Hero

Madisen Bedard’s supportive and adaptive nature highlights her integral role in her brother’s success in the hockey world. While Connor Bedard’s name shines brightly in the hockey arena, it’s important to recognize the crucial role his sister played in shaping his athletic pursuits. Madisen’s journey from being a gymnastics prodigy to a supportive sister on the ice showcases the power of family bonds and dedication.

In conclusion, Connor Bedard’s sister, Madisen Bedard, may not be a household name in the world of sports, but her influence on her brother’s life and career cannot be overstated. Her journey from the gymnastics floor to the ice rink reflects the dedication and sacrifices made by family members in supporting the dreams of their loved ones. Madisen Bedard is the unsung hero in Connor’s journey to becoming a hockey sensation.


  1. Who is Connor Bedard’s sister?
    Connor Bedard’s sister is Madisen, an accomplished gymnast who played a pivotal role in shaping his athletic pursuits.
  2. What curve does Connor Bedard use in his hockey stick?
    Connor Bedard uses the P92 curve, known for its open-face design that enhances stick handling, shooting, and saucer passing.
  3. Which NHL team does Connor Bedard play for?
    Connor Bedard plays as a center for the Chicago Blackhawks in the NHL.
  4. How old is Connor Bedard in 2023?
    As of 2023, Connor Bedard is 18 years old, born on July 17, 2005.
  5. Who is Connor Bedard’s ultimate ‘hockey mom’?
    Connor Bedard’s ultimate ‘hockey mom’ is Melanie Bedard, who has made significant sacrifices to support his hockey career, including relocating when he was drafted by the Regina Pats.

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