Laptops- The Preferred Personal Computer Across The World!

The introduction of microprocessors in the ‘70s paved the path for personal computers to penetrate the computing market. Earlier mainframe computers or time-sharing systems were used by large corporations. The growth of the personal computer was fueled by the affordability factor that brought this device within the grasp of the common man.

Why Did Personal Computers Become Popular?

  • Cheaper Than Mainframe Computers: Personal computers were much cheaper than mainframe computers which made them affordable for home users.
  • Smaller In Size: Mainframe computers required bigger space for installation as they were larger. The compactness of PCs meant they could easily be accommodated in a normal household.
  • Children Had A New Toy: With superior graphics and audio system, it was fun to play video games on a home computer.
  • Advanced Usage: Some users with computer programming knowledge could use the device for programming or word processing.
  • The World Wide Web: The revolutionary introduction of the Worldwide Web in the ‘90s and increased internet penetration made the world a lot closer. The direct impact was on the personal computer segment with more people getting hooked to the new world phenomenon, the WWW.

Today, the personal computer market is expected to close in on the $200 billion mark by the end of 2022.

By personal computer, most people referred to desktop computers. While the market for desktops kept growing through the ‘80s and ‘90, a new device with better portability entered the market in the form of laptops.

Laptops continued to gain popularity through the ‘90s, however, with Apple entering the sector in 2003, the road was set for more revolutionary launches in this segment.

The laptop market is estimated to be around $166 billion by the end of 2022. Projected figures further suggest that with a CAGR of 2.2% the market will cross the $180 billion mark by 2026.

Technological Revolution in Laptops

Technology is an ever-evolving phenomenon that thrives on bringing something new to the table for the consumer. It has often created a need where one didn’t exist. Once you are exposed to new forms of entertainment or commercial usage of technology, you can’t resist adopting it. The world of laptops has witnessed several technological breakthroughs in recent years that have propelled its growth.

  • Gaming Extravaganza: With advanced processors and new generation graphics cards such as GeForce RTX 3080, your laptop can give a whole new gaming interface that you have not experienced before.
  • Advanced Displays: A superior display ensures less stress on the eyes. It also gives you that drool-worthy gaming or video experience that makes you hooked to your laptop. A 144Hz panel or a premium 4k 60Hz option in a 16:9 aspect ratio can give a fantastic display. Many gaming laptops come with the pulsating 240Hz 1440p option as well.
  • Better Webcams: Many notepads are coming with many improved webcams that give you a better work-from-home experience. Students engaged in online classes also benefit from this technological advancement.
  • Improved Audio Output: New-age laptops have enhanced audio input and output. This gives more clarity during video calls.

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