Large-Screen Tablets Are Changing The Mobile Slate Experience!


Tablets are the ideal fit for people seeking to get the best of smartphone technologies coupled with the benefits of a laptop.

Since Alan Kay launched his ‘Dynabook’ in 1971, the tablet industry has witnessed massive growth, riding on various technological advancements. The global tablet market will likely grow past $80 billion by 2022. Further, it may cross the $140 billion mark by 2026 at a CAGR of 15%.

While the tablet market is promising, the 10-inch plus segment will dominate the market in all likelihood. Large-screen tablets will account for about 64% of the total market share by 2025.

Growth Drivers

Change in The Usage Patterns: After tablets came on the market, their primary usage was for personal entertainment. There’s a paradigm shift in the usage patterns of tablets across various consumer segments. New and advanced technologies, changing corporate world dynamics and modern education methodologies are making tablets more acceptable to consumers.

Several young corporate executives find large-screen tablets more convenient to carry around than laptops. Increased screen size, better resolution and touch screen experience, compatibility with more applications, use of stylus pens, and various other features make tablets an office-friendly device.

With the increase in employees working from home, tablets are the most convenient mobile device for video calling, making presentations, and working on spreadsheets.

The education sector has also adopted the usage of tablets due to the increased number of students studying online. The size of a tablet is just appropriate for online studies. You can enjoy the benefits of a larger screen but don’t have to move around with a laptop-sized device.

Increased Number of Manufacturers/Marketers: The growing market trends in the last decade have attracted many new entrants in this sector. Increased competition and augmented technology have resulted in better products catering to a large consumer segment.

Portable Despite of Larger Screens: Portability is one of the significant attributes of tablets. The large-screen segments have not compromised on this key sales driver. Many models doing well in the market weigh less than 5 pounds. You can not only move around in your house or office but carry it in your backpack while travelling.

A Happy Family Time: The large screen allows the entire family to enjoy a video or movie together. Some tablets are presenting a whole new gaming experience for the family.

Two Devices in One:  During the initial days, tablets were felt by many to be neither here nor there. They were neither small enough to replace smart handhelds nor robust enough to work as laptops. The perception has completely changed with larger versions with great user interfaces hitting the market. You can now use this as the family’s primary computing device. The sim-enabled models can easily be used for making calls with enhanced audio output. You can also enjoy premium quality music on the latest tablets and slates.

Other Defining Features: High-end tablets come with a premium, sturdy yet sleek finish. Micro-curved edge ensures that you don’t type anything inadvertently while holding the device in hand.

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