Superb Spots in Australia Bring You Romanticism During Travelling

If you have a plan to make a long trip, you can come to choose Australia, the smallest continent in the world and 6th level country according to size. Here you can visit a lot of magnificent spots that will make you spellbound. To know about the details of the spots, you come to go through the details mentioned below.

  1. Great Barrier Reef – Great Barrier Reef is the most famous attraction for tourists in Australia. It is also comes Seven Wonders of the World. The Reef stretches 3000 km across the coast of Queensland. Here you can book a dive boat vacation for going out to the remote dive sites of the reef or you can take a helicopter to make a tour over the waters. From a flight Centre, you can have a trip to the Great Barrier Reef.
  1. Daintree Rainforest – It is located in Queensland and the Daintree Rainforest becomes one of Australia’s natural wonders. The Rainforest is 180 million years old and it covers 1200 square Km. Here you can come to do some paddleboarding in the Mossman River. You need to be worried about the saltwater crocodiles that come near you.
  1. Fraser Island – Fraser Island is one of the coolest places in Australia and it has 75 long beaches. From the town of Noosa, you can take a four-wheel and reach the town of Noosa. It comes beautified with dunes, dingos, shipwrecks, and tidal pools. On the sandy shores of the spot, you will have a facility with airplanes.
  1. Whitsundays – The Whitsundays come with a group of 75 islands near the coast of Queensland. During visiting the Great Barrier Reef, you must come to Whitsundays and spend some time here. It looks very beautiful with white sandy beaches with turquoise water.
  1. Port Douglas – Port Douglas is a laid-back resort city in the north of Queensland. It becomes the jumping-off point to visit the Great Barrier Reef. It is surely the perfect spot for spending some days with a high level of relaxation. Here you will feel awesome and can spend the days with unlimited boundations.

6. Gold Coast – The Gold Coast of Australia provides you with an endless stretch of the beach having outstanding surf breaks. It is a world-famous surfer’s paradise. The beachgoers will have an endless stretch of beach with outstanding surf breaks. You will have mind-blowing enjoyment with many eateries and dining options. Just you simply rent a bike and go to Currumbin Beach and Burleigh. For a great view, you will have an opportunity for Skypoint observation

7. Twelve Apostles – From the Great Ocean Road, the most popular day trip for Melbourne, you can reach the incredible Twelve Apostles. Without visiting the Twelve Apostles, visiting Australia becomes incomplete for any visitor. To get a great touch of enjoyment in Twelve Apostles, you surely need a ride with a helicopter.

  1. Melbourne – Melbourne is one of the coolest cities in Australia. It is also one of the greatest places for tourists in Australia. Here you will have a great touch of Queen Victoria, Eureka Square, the Arcades & Secret Lanes, and Graffiti Lane. Just come here with several holidays and enjoy the days.

9. Kangaroo Island – It is located off the coast of South Australia and for visitors, a spot is an incredible place in Australia. The location becomes a wildlife haven for Kangaroos, Seals, Kolas, and Pelicans. Here you can get a touch of Birds of Prey rehabilitation center where you can have a bird show and learn about birds. The landscape is beautiful and the sunset is awesome. Undoubtedly, Kangaroo Island is considered the most beautiful beach in Australia.

10. Wilpena Pound – Wilpena Pound is a giant-looking amphitheater of rock having 80 square kilometers of measurements. It is located at Flinders Ranges of South Australia and 450 Km far from Adelaide. It is near about 100 million years old and this spot is truly fascinating.

11. Barossa Valley – Barossa Valley is home to famous vineyards and here you will have an opportunity for visiting wineries such as Wold Blass, Penfolds, and Lehmann. A short tour through the valley will make you reach the gorgeous countryside. It is located outside Adelaide. It is a most beautiful region for spending a few days.

12. Burra Homestead – It is very important to know that the Burra Homestead becomes an iconic stop for visitors and photographers visiting Australia. Once upon a time, the spot was abandoned by the homesteaders and even it is empty by the side of the road. The music lovers can come here and spend a day listening to the music with a great feeling.

13. Lake Gairdner – Lake Gairdner is a salt lake at the Gawler Ranges of South Australia. When you reach here, you will feel that you are on another planet. The lake is undoubtedly is an impressive sprawl of white landscape surrounded by the red hills that make the spot perfect for photo shoots. Surely, you will have a great feeling either alone or with your family.

14. Sydney Opera House – Sydney Opera House is Australia’s most iconic building. When you come to the place, surely you will have a good feeling that will stay in your heart until death. The Sydney Opera House came to open in 1973 and has become the top tourist attraction in Australia.

15. Blue Mountains – The Blue Mountains are located just 32 miles from Sydney. The Blue Mountains are surely famous view and they attract a lot of visitors. The three sisters have become the most iconic view of the Blue Mountains. The Echo Point offers a beautiful and impressive view of three sisters overlooking the Jamison Valley.

16. Uluru – In Australia, one of the most eye-catchy sights is Uluru. It is also known as Ayers Rock. The place is situated near Alice Springs. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site that is sacred to the indigenous people of the area. It stands at a height of 348 meters. It comes with an expanding range measured ½ Km long and nearly 2 Km wide. It is no doubt a popular stop on overland tours.

To make your inner heart satisfied by the excellent natural views, come and enjoy Australia.

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